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Boyfriend not replying

Okay..  What’s happened is, 2 days ago was the last time I heard from my boyfriend. He said he was busy because I wanted to see him and that was fine. Yes I did overload him with texts because I just really missed him.. that two days ago was a weekend, he did text me a nice message the day before saying he couldn’t see me because he went out with his mum and wasn’t feeling to well And that he loved and missed me.. anyways he usually texts me of a morning before work, lunch time and when he’s home/goes to bed  well I haven’t got a text from him ever since. ive messaged his Nan on Facebook, she hasn’t heard from him and I asked her if she does to get him to call. ive tried calling him yesterday, no answer but I believe he was at work, I’ve sent a couple of texts just saying I hope you’re okay, please let me know what’s happening I’m worried  his friend sent him a  Facebook message (yes the old “we have each other’s passwords”) but he hasn’t replied to that, he hasn’t even been online, on Snapchat or Instagram.  Has he ran out of credit? Has he taken this opportunity to have a break from me? I’m so confused and this could be the only place to help me 🙁

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