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So basically theres this guy I kinda like, he’s made it pretty obvious he likes me like he teases me a lot and he pays me A LOT of attention. Anyways… as some of you know it’s the T2 holidays here in Australia, and I felt like I really needed to talk to him because I just wanted to find out if he liked me or not. So my plan was to text him because we have each other on Instagram but pretend that texting him was a mistake and that I meant to text this other guy I’m friends with because they both have names close to each other and black and white profile pics. So after contemplating about it for an hour I said “Hey”, which I know probably seems easy to you guys but boys have just been rude or ignorant the entire time I’ve been at highschool. Then I waited for like 10 minutes and then he replied, then we talked for a bit but he always waited like half an hour or an hour before replying. Then eventually we stopped and I don’t know what to do because I just said “yea” and basically left him with a dead end and he hasn’t replied but it says read. I really don’t know what to do, should I talk to him or just wait.

  • Posted by samanjaan

    If he doesn’t respond to you then you should be off without him also, you should question why he replies sooo late. but you should question him when YOUR with him not by text good luck 🙂

  • Posted by gabby923

    samanjaan thanks, when i’m with him he’s really nice and he talks to me about literally anything under the sun lol

  • Posted by samanjaan

    Then I suggest that you tell him that you like him. That’s probs the best way Trust me if he is a nice guy then you should be able to tell him

  • Posted by gabby923

    samanjaan i will when we next see each other in person and thanks!

  • Posted by bluefish96

    May be you should just wait.. Or if you got steong feelings for him, then just go ahead and talk to him openly..

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