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BOYS and boobs…….

Why do boys have to be so gross?… I’ll excuse so it all started yesterday… I have a friend (let’s call him Jack) he was hanging out with his friend who is a guy that I never meet so anyway the next day I went down to meet jack again and he was like ”oh that boy I was hanging out thought you were really hot!” so I was feeling pretty smug about it and then he said ” and he really likes you big boobs” and that’s all he could say how much his friend liked my boobs…. I felt like slapping jacks friend! I was almost hurt by it.. All I thought was so basically he only thinks I’m hot because of my boobs!…… so now I’m really self-conscious about them and I now just want to cut them off….. if that’s the only way a boy looks at me…. I don’t know what to do or say I don’t want people to say to just get over myself or something….. Thanks..

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Hey, that’s not the only thing boys think about. I feel you the guys at my school are idiots and #@$holes. Honestly if he says something like that to you (jack’s friend) you should call him out on it. TBH guys can be such idiots sometimes! 🙂

  • Posted by Lara-jayne Edmunds

    Boys at my school don’t only just look at your boobs they look at your but to. When boys look at my boobs I either fold my arms, go to the bathroom or put my jumper on.

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