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Hi. I am a 13 year old girl who is in Year 8 and…IDK BUT I FEEL LIKE I HAVE MET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Ik it sounds stupid especially since I have never had a boyfriend,I haven’t had my first kiss and well..I AM A YEAR YOUNG THAN EVERYBODY IN MY FLIPPING GRADE!! But I just started at a new school 5 hours away from my old town and I met this guy… HE IS THE FUNNIEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET! We flirt a lot but it seems like he just likes me in a friend way :/ all my friends are guys so i can’t really talk to them about it.. also they started shipping me with my other friend. Also..I have found myself…showing signs of being Bi. It started back in Year 3 when I started to see some girls as attractive.. it’s really confusing ?. I just need a jar of Nutella and Netflix…

  • Posted by Georgia Ranger

    Hey it is ok to have guy friend to be completely honest it so much better there is not the same drama I’m in yr ten and I go to boarding school so I no what it is like to be away from home. I also no what is like to feel like, thinking that you have meet the love of your life, but trust me you will meet so many more people in your life so don’t get to court up in young love I see it all the time with my friend and they start to stop hang out with there friend and they drift away.

  • Posted by Sumsy

    Confused very confused.

  • Posted by Malie Pierard

    It’s ok, young love is encouraged. It’ll help you in later life so that you don’t have to go boy hunting

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Dracoxmalfoy, It is totally normal to be feeling everything you are feeling. High school is a time where you grow & meet heaps of people. Maybe try speaking to your friends about this guy? Or even the guy himself, tell him how you feel & maybe he may feel the same? Either way, you have nothing to lose because it seems like you have a very strong friendship. Don’t worry or put pressure on yourself, our teen years is the time where we learn most about ourselves & what we enjoy & who we are attracted too. Best part is, it is all okay & all normal, take a deep breath it’ll all be okay. And P.S- Grab that Nutella & Netflix, could totally go that right now too xx

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