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Boys just don’t stop ugh

[b]So ever since I started middle school I’ve been feeling like I’m just entertainment for the boys. I’m in 8th grade atm btw.  Like they’ll talk about gross guy stuff in front of me just to try and get a reaction. They rate all of the girls by looks and play smash or pass in front of me. I’m always the first they talk about.  Whenever I take my jacket off they all whistle and stuff. They’re always stomping on my feet or grabbing my wrist or stealing my stuff.  This one dude literally kicked my leg and told me that I liked it. People have always told me I was pretty and when I was younger I loved it but now it just makes me uncomfortable. The boys seem to think that just because I’m pretty they can harass me? The girls get mad at me for trying to talk about it because they say that they could kill for the attention. Help![/b]

  • Posted by RainyDays13

    I don’t really know how to fix it since I’m never in the same scenario but I can promise you this if your friends are going to let you simply talk or they aren’t even going to help you out then there not really friends I hope this helps

  • Posted by Indiana Nauta

    You should tell a parent or teacher if they are really harassing you and if they keep doing it tell them to bugger off! Say just because you look good doesn’t mean they get to annoy you with all their disgusting habits and that they need to grow up and get a grip…<3 I hope this helps and you get through.. I’m always here if you need to talk xx

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