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Im thinking of buying a bra soon , What time / age do you think would be a good time to do so ??

  • Posted by LoveyDovey

    Hello, To me there is no set age it’s when you feel you need it. I had to start wearing sports bras around 12 or 13 and  quickly had to buy a bra soon after. Best advice is to go with what is comfortable! best of luck!

  • Posted by Shellybelly

    Hi!  There is not set age limit to when you should get a bra. You should get a bra when you feel like you need one. When I was younger I would wear crop tops and I wore them for a long time until I actually started getting boobs. I went to padded crop tops and then went to the first bra section in target and bought a ton of those. Now I wear wire bras and push up bras. If you feel like you need a bra then go for it. I was really nervous to buy my first bra and walking into the bra section or shop for the first time is quite daunting. Now though I walk in and grab anything that looks cute! Despite the looks other people give me. Go for it! Wish the best for you!

  • Posted by librazebra

    Yeah I agree with above comments, whenever you feel ready for a bra (or whenever your chest starts developing) its time to get a bra. I was so embarrassed about getting my first bra (I was 11) but honestly every girl goes through it and pretty soon you realise its no big deal

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