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Breast reduction surgery

Hi all, I have a small problem to share with you all. I have gained weight over the last year, like almost 15 kgs. I already had large breasts. Now since I have put on more weight, my breasts have become saggy and I find it so funny and weird. I am just 23, and my breasts have already started to sag. I have always been uncomfortable about my breasts and wanted to do something to reduce it. Now it looks even more bad and I find it so difficult to wear a good dress. I don’t feel confident when I go in front of people because of this. So, I am considering of undergoing a breast reduction surgery to make it smaller and so that it gets a good shape. I read some information here, [url href=/forum/breast-body-/breast-reduction-surgery/?topicid=104841&s_event=event11][/url]. I am just wondering if there is something I have to worry regarding this. Any side effects? Or any tips or advices to share?

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