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Hey everyone So I’m not going to explain anything about this but there is this girl and she I being rude to me and speaking behind my back to my friends and then they come and tell me what’s she has said and trust me its not good I was just wondering what would u do if u were in my situation  Thanx

  • Posted by LoveyDovey

    I do nkt know if this girl is your friend or a group friend, If it were me hypothetically I would try to catch her talking about you to your friends and confront her. ask her what her issue is? NO ONE has the right to make you feel uncomfortable especially by bullying you in any way! good luck!

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hi  So this girl (I’m going to call her L) is friends with all my friends so it’s really awkward  Um well I got my best friend to talk to her and ask her why she is so rude to me and she said that I am annoying and she disgusting. And also she called me a some very bad swear words. I did absolutely nothing to her  I’m so confused

  • Posted by LoveyDovey

    Hello, That is very common to have a flyer friend ( someone whose a friend of someone in your group but not you). We have all been through situations where someone does not like us for no good reason. She is obviously in a self loathing period and is taking her self hate out on other’s otherwise she would not have an issue with you. Reminder it is NOT YOU it is HER who has the issue. what she says about you says more about her than you. If she want’s to be a baby then treat her like one. If I was you I wouldn’t interact and just completely ignore her. Talk to your friend’s and tell them to shut it down when she starts talking about you- my friends would NEVER even hear of breathing life into that.  Be confident in the person you are and hold your head up high!

  • Posted by librazebra

    I agree with Loveydovey, be confident with who you are and hold your head up high. People who are insecure/deep down dont like themselves are always mean. Honestly its probably best to call her out on it. Be bold and confront her yourself, if you need to have your best friend there for support then do that. Ask her why she is being so mean to you and tell her what you have heard she has been saying. From my expereince bullies which gossip and go behind your back will recoil with upfront honest confrontation.  If that doesnt work and she keeps being nasty hoenstly report it to a teacher. It might seem embarassing or whatever but you dont have to put up with that and if she wont listen to you then she needs to get in trouble for her actions which are not OK. Your at school to learn, not to be bullied.

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    Hi! Thank you both so much you are really sweet and I appreciate all your advice and beautiful words. If you two ever need any advice or help with anything I would be so happy to help! Again thank you so much

  • Posted by Nattkozy

    I’v have And still have been bullied scenes kindy and I’m in year 5 now and now when I look back at things I think some things were stupid what we fought over but the name teesing and talking Belinda the back I think should be ignored because at the end of the day there just jealous of you because your a nice person!??

  • Posted by Nattkozy

    Behind* Oops!

  • Posted by RainyDays13

    Dear butterfly girl today I got called a really bad name by a boy in my class and my best friend started defending the boy and not me but then I realised if my friend won’t stand up for me when I’m getting picked on then there not a real friend as long as you have good people in your life whether it’s friends family or anyone else you can get though anything

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