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cant get to sleep at night

lately it has taken me ages to get to sleep. It hasn’t always been like this, only the past week. Its really annoying because i get in bed at like 8:30 but i fall asleep at around 9:00 and then im tired in the morning and a bit of the day. Any tips?

  • Posted by alice c

    this sucks 🙁 maybe if you’re going on your phone right before you go to sleep try and have some downtime before hand. I try and read a book before i go to bed to make myself tired ?

  • Posted by Mazie_Kate

    It does suck a lot sometimes I’m awake until 1 am! I normal listen to quite music or even some ASMR make me sleep? But if you don’t like noise when try to sleep definitely try turnIng off electronics 30mins to an hour before sleep and maybe read a book and drink some tea (make sure it doesn’t have caffeine in it). Hope this helps! Sweet dreams Xx

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