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Clothing problems

I have found a really pretty top from ally fashion but it is quite short and tight. I don’t usually get these sort of tops but my parents won’t let me wear them either. I was wondering if anyone had the same problem and how they fixed it.
This is the link to the pics of top:

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Hi Poppy!
    I 100% understand what you’re currently going through since my parents can be really conservative and they don’t really agree with crop tops and tight clothes. If you want your parents to buy this for you, maybe go in store with your MUM (because dads can tend to be a bit more concerned with what their daughters wear) and then trying it on. I suggest that on the day you go to try it on, you wear some high waisted jeans to make it look like the top is less cropped and doesn’t expose that much. If your mum still doesn’t want to buy it for you, you can try to explain to her that it is normal to wear crop tops and that you think the top is really cute. If that still doesn’t help, I guess you’ll just have to accept that she won’t buy it. Try not to nag though because it can get quite annoying if you are never able to take no for an answer. Hope this helps!

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