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I have a crush on a boy ,and I think he has one for me too.We look at each other a lot and I have him at my sport club ,where he helps us to learn new exercises.Before March ,between us was a good tension and the chemistry between us was strong.I sent him a follow request in Instagram and for 11 days he didn’t accept it.I thought he wasn’t using his insta but he was .And then he accepted it …I was happy and then sad ,because he didn’t send one yet.And before 25 March and 5 May …there are a lot of days .I am so confused ,he looks at me a lot then he ignores me .He has two friends that helps us with the exercises class and they laugh a lot in my presence .Yesterday he was ignoring me and one of his friends ,who was helping me with an exercise,he winked at my crush .And then the two of them laughed .I feel damned right now.Then when we girls were stretching as an exercise we do at last,his best friend told him something in the ear.I feel baddd so bad smth isn t going on right .And when I went at him emotioned to give him the money for the course he didn’t do anything to chase my attention.

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