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so ive been dating this guy for 1 year 5 months now. im 15 this year. and he doesnt “show” that we are in a relastionship. so like we always flirt but really thats about it. i really like him like alot and we have been through alot together but i feel like im he one putting all the effort into the relastionship and he just drags along like he doesnt wanna be there. ive talked to him about it and he always says like he really does like me and stuff like that but theres just something that feels off. also he acts dofferent around me when its just me and him or a few of our mates. when we in a big group or something he kind of goes shy. im not thinking of breaking up with him just because im getting mixed signals i just want to see what you guys think see if ypu have any advice for me. He’s also 7 months younger then me but we in the same class and year and friend group at school so thats good. please leave what you guys think or any suggestions.

  • Posted by NovaMc

    My best guess…he is probably just nervous because mabye he’s just not the type of guy to show affection to his gf around his friends. Mabye try asking him gently if he could show a little bit of affection to you in public. Hope i helped! Good luck!

  • Posted by Hollie Mae

    Hey girl!!
    I dont know tbh. Ive been dating someone for almost 5 months now, and I’ve just turned 14 and his almost 16. Since the first day we met, he showed SO much affection towards me, he treats me like a queen! But from my past boyfriends, it could be just that he is nervous, what about if YOU tried being a little more affectionate, if you already aren’t that is, then maybe he will open up and show how much he loves you. Hope this helped, good luck!!

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