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Creepy Guy

Hello everyone, I started a new job with a small group before thanksgiving , this older guy who was part of that group kept staring at me and always followed me around and butting himself into conversations I was having and would go and look up my average for the night and tell me. Well bottom line he got my number off one of the managers clipboards and he won’t stop texting me. He has said very inappropriate and explicit things to me that have made me very uncomfortable which he plays off as a joke but it makes me feel disgusted! Co worker also used to work with my boyfriend so he knows i’m taken but continues to act that inappropriately. have spoken to him about how it’s made me uncomfortable but he refuses to stop. what would you do? Is it wrong to feel slightly violated/ suffocated by this person? *He recently saw my boyfriend out in public ( i wasn’t with him)  and asked my bf how i was, and then i get a text asking me if i want to do lunch on friday? He doesn’t seem to get the picture and ignoring him doesn’t work! thank you to anyone who gives advice!

  • Posted by izzy_2003

    ok to be honest if this dude sounds or even looks like a creep, maybe try and tell your boss how you feel or maybe your parents. But be careful if you think he’s making you feel uncomfortable, my advice would probably talk to your boss about it or maybe a close relative

  • Posted by HappyLittleCamper

    Poor you that dude is creepy i dont really know what to do but im only 12 so maybe when im older i will what i think is that you should block his number so you dont get his texts and stuff and if you can keep close to other co-workers so he doesn’t try funny stuff. I was bullied so stay near the teachers help a little more than staying near my friends

  • Posted by glitterbug

    Block the messages. Tell your parents.Tell ur friends just in case something happens to you! Be safe, Be smart. xoxo

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Hmm… This is creepy… I think you should block him, avoid him and maybe even tell your employee.  Why won’t he leave you alone? :/

  • Posted by ArcherPro3000

    Try and maybe block his number. He seems really creepy I would feel the same if someone did that to me too. I would just notify your boss of his actions towards you and discuss how he is acting  inappropriate  in the workplace. Also if things don’t end I suggest personally talking to him in a public space with your BF with you to get your message that your taken, and that his actions are not appropriate

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