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Crop tops/bras

i dont think im ready yet to get a crop top/bra..i dont know how to bring up the topic to my mum…i dont know if a wanna write a note or something…PLEASE HELP

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Sheryl!

    Wearing bras can be great to support your chest and make daily activities such as running or walking down the stairs, more comfortable for you. But of course, if you don’t feel ready to wear bras and crop tops yet, then you don’t have to!

    I know it can feel a bit awkward but maybe find a time when you and mum are alone to have a chat. Just explain honestly why you don’t feel ready & I’m sure she’ll be super understanding.

    Good luck!

    Love Gem x

  • Posted by Orla Munro

    Hi I think im ready for a bra but im not quite sure if my breasts have developed enough im (Im 10 btw and ive gotten my period)

  • Posted by Noor Saiba

    Omggg i get u (kind of). I got my period at 8, and i was wearing crop tops at 7. I was a c cup a 9. Im now 11 and a d cup. If u havent yet, but u probably have, just casually ask her, give her a note, or steer her toward the bras at the store.

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