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dealing with a breakup. 4 months later

okay, so my boyfriend went away on a school camp for a week and beforehand things were going really good, we were happy together. he came back and dumped me saying that he had just lost feelings for me and there wasn’t a reason. this was super hard to process as I still had all my feelings for him and I didn’t understand how someone could lose them in a week. since then I have tried liking new people but every time I think it’s just me trying to cover the fact that I’m not over him like I’m pretending to be okay when in reality I still love him. please help!! any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted by Amelia Ison

    hey, I’m not the best at giving advise but if this helps i still haven’t moved on from this guy that i broke up with over a year ago-i still have feelings for him ahahah. But my advise is to not let this affect your life, one of the first steps in moving on is to pretend like you are -because then people will then treat you as if you are. hope this helps x

  • Posted by gabby923

    i know EXACTLY how u feel

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