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Did I get my period?

Soooo a month ago in January, i think, I saw I had a little tiny blood stain. Literally one drop. The next day it happened again. That week I did feel moody and I got light cramps. Is this my period or just a spotting? It would be my first one too. Also now I’ve been getting ALOT of discharge. (Oh and btw this is my first post, hope I did well :D)

  • Posted by CA1234

    Hi, I am no expert in periods but I am pretty sure that it is a sign that you are very close to getting your period. My advice is to be ready cause you never know when it will come!!

  • Posted by annanelson

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Posted by 12yroldgirl

    Hi! Well my first period was very light but I did have one heavy day with dark red and pink. However if you had cramps I think it probably was your period. Many girls have a very light first period. Hope this helped!

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