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Dirty talk

This guy keeps asking me to have phone sex with him and I don’t really know how to do that. I want to do it but I scare myself and make myself nervous. I feel awkward and feel like I won’t know what to say. Just need help with over coming this and how to go about it.

  • Posted by GF_Expert

    Oh my goodness elmo1521!! It sounds like that’s totally for his gratification – not yours. My advice is to say no. The fact you feel uncomfortable tells me you shouldn’t do it. Some people try and pressure others into doing things they don’t want to – but stay strong, be brave and say no!! LGx

  • Posted by Eliza-may

    #RemovedByUser# Hi my name isEliza-may and I am 13 I am a little bit unsure about what to do on this website because I just joined. I like to talk about periods and stuff like that. I would like to make friends on here so if u would like to make friends on here as well I would love to talk and find out about what you like and do

  • Posted by gabby923

    elmo1521 please don’t do it!

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