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Divorces ???‍♀️?

My parents had a huggggeeeee argument the other day about literally THE MOST STUPID THINGS THAT COULD POSSIBLY EXIST, and a lot of it was about me. And now I’m pretty sure they’re going to get a divorce and I know a lot of people blame themselves when their parents get a divorce, but this time it really is my fault.. I really don’t know what to do help

  • Posted by StarlightDreamer

    Oh no, I’m so sorry… I think it’s important to know that it most likely isn’t your fault at all! I mean, I don’t see why it would be… I think more than anything, you should probably talk to your parents about it because I don’t think things are as bad as your head tells you. Just try to talk to them, or write a letter if you’re too scared to talk face to face, and maybe break down the walls of miscommunication. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it seems! You’ll be okay. 🙂

  • Posted by Sarah Rose

    I am sorry. My parents are divorced at the start of it all I too believed it was because of me and I can assure you it wasn’t because of me therefore it’s not your fault at all! Also if they do have a divorce, hopefully they can work things out but if not I can tell you that at the start it is really hard as there is fighting. Then you get 2 homes and it’s hard because your life is changing but don’t worry because things do get better even if through the hard times of it you don’t think it can. I know it’s hard but remember you don’t know for sure they are getting a divorce but if they are it’s ok! If you go on the Kids Helpline website there is some great comforting information that helps as well- it helped me!

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