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Do I need new friends?

So i like girls, and I’m the only girl in my friend group that does. They are mostly supportive and everything but sometimes I feel isolated from them. I have one particular friend that always talks about boys, and I’m happy to talk about them w her as well but if I mention the girl I like,, she changes the subject rlly quickly. She has jokingly asked if I have a crush on her a couple times (I dont) and continuously refers to me as being bi even though I’ve told her I don’t want any labels yet 🙁 Im verrry close with this friend group and I rlly like them alot, but idk if I should stay friends with them or if I should move on. Help!

  • Posted by Jorja Pihema

    You should move in find girls who like girls and make a friend group

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Lilac, Sorry you’re going through this! Have you told your friends how you feel? Gem x

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