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Do the brown spots just stop?

I am just wondering if brown spotting just stops? In the last week I got my first brown spot in my undies I told my mum and she said it’s a sign I’m getting my period I was a little bummed but I didn’t mind. The next day I got home from gymnastics again and another larger brown spot was sitting there waiting for me? I thought that it would mean I’d get my period soon but the next day there was know brown spot I didn’t think much of it until today as there was no brown spot either will it come back or am I just worrying over nothing???

  • Posted by Momobunny

    I had about 3 brown spots before my First period the brown spots seem like there abit of brown discharge mixed in with some period blood which is what I had I got my the brown discharge in July and got my first period in December don’t hesitate to call your local gp or ask gem about it! It’s probably a sign you’ll get your first period just pop on a liner next time to feel fresh or keep it from ruining your underwear 🤍💓
    Good luck X 🌟☺️

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Girl!

    Mornobunny (above) is TOTALLY right & you’re absolutely not worrying over nothing! It can be a little confusing when we see brown spots in our undies that we aren’t expecting! However, because you ARE experiencing brown discharge, this means a bit of blood has mixed with your discharge; and this indicates your first period is just around the corner! It’s common that our first couple of periods are super light, and won’t be much more than what you’re experiencing now. But as they start to regulate, your period may become heavier & more red in colour.

    My recommendation would be to just be prepared for your period to arrive. Our liners will work perfectly for discharge and light bleeding. When your period arrives our Libra Girl range will be the perfect step up, as they’re designed for smaller bodies but are just as absorbent as our main range. It’s all about finding what products work for you! G XX

    • Posted by Willow Osborne

      Thanks Gemmah, I very much appreciate the lovely comments. Even though I was completely prepared it’s always a little bit of a shock to find brown spots in my undies, but reading all these comments has showed me that it is normal and I am never alone. Again much appreciation. Willow Xx

    • Posted by carebear64

      hey there,

      It seems like you’ve gotten all the answers you need but I thought I would chime in with this little tidbit: Before I got my first real period, I got brown discharge for 9 days straight (yeah, I know. Crazy, right?) in January. My first period came exactly 96 days later in April. So, like everyone else said, brown discharge is totally normal and it means you will get your period within the next few months.

      Good Luck to you.

      xoxo, carebear64

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