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Estimate me

Someone pls estimate me
Mum period age 13
Me age 13
Height 150 cm
Weight 135 kg
Discharge heavy everyday for over 6 months
Forest of hair down there
Blonde arm hair
Growth spurt couple months ago
Get so grumpy everyday and have the worst cramps
Getting a few more pimples lately
Feeling rlly tired and have headaches lately
Breasts are rlly sore and about A cup

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girlfriend!

    It certainly sounds like you’re well on track to getting your first period!

    All these signs that you have detailed are all the tell tale signs that you’re going through the stages of puberty (it’s a wild ride, isn’t it?!) The final sign to look out for would be discharge, if you notice brown discharge, then get ready, your period is definitely on it’s way! This is when a big of menstrual blog mixes with your discharge, so don’t freak out if this is what you see in your undies.

    I’d recommend checking out our Girls Guide To Periods blog here –

    I think you’ll find it very insightful for what to expect next!


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