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Exciting news!! New LG website launching next month.

Hiya LibraGirls!! Guess what? You’re getting a brand, spanking new website. Yay!! LibraGirl will now be its own section on the LoveLibra website, which makes so much sense as you’ll be able to access everything there, and, as you want, you’ll also be able to get all the info and cool stuff on the LoveLibra site as well. There’s only ‘up’ to this news!! In the new LibraGirl section, you’ll find:  Articles specifically for Libra Girls – everything you need to know about getting your period and teenage life! The forum is still a thing, so post your questions and get all the answers from PLU (Peeps Like U) A sealed section that can only be accessed if you’re over 15 years old, for those M15+ rated issues!! And ‘Ask Gemmah’ for all the questions you’d like to ask a cool, ‘been there, done that’ Big Sister I’m sure you’ll all love it! This URL will take you over there when it’s launched, so keep your eyes peeled for a fresh, informative trip over there as soon as its opened!!LGx

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