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Exercise plans

Dose anyone know any exercise plans or anything if you do please tell me

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Girl, Personally I don’t go off exercise plans. I do lots of yoga, long walks & I go to the gym with my friends. Sometimes if we are unsure what we should do at the gym, we research on google “30 minute gym workouts” these often give us some great exercises to do. Keep it Cleaner ‘KIC’ have some great exercise & health recommendations to keep you fit and healthy. Remember that any form of exercise is fantastic, whether that is walking, running, tennis or yoga it’s great to move your body. You do not necessarily need to follow a specific exercise guide line xx

  • Posted by Breanna Griffiths

    Message me on Instagram babe and I can give you a few workout guides and a few tips and tricks :))

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