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Facial hair- Help please!

Hi everyone,this is my first post here I made an account specifically because I need some help with this.  So here is the problem I’m having: I’m a 17 year old girl who grows a moustache and a slight beard!! My eyebrows are also extremely hairy and thick! I don’t know when this started happening (I’m assuming puberty) but I’ve reached my limit, It’s extremely hard to wax! Even a professional waxing lady once told me it is quite hard to rip out. I was so embarrassed I never went back to one. Even when I wax it still grows back very fast!  I have to shave every single day sometimes twice in a day once in the morning and again at night only to have to do it again the next morning!! It is only the chin hairs that this applies to, the upper lip hairs grow a little slower How in the world does it grow this fast?!  Why is it happening to me? I’ve narrowed down some possible reasons and hopefully they can provide some insight to someone who might never able to help me with my question. I am a bit overweight, but I do generally eat healthy. I have extremely irregular periods sometimes months will pass in between. (I’m working towards getting exact data on this to show to my doctors in about 3 months time)  I am on medication for heavy depression but I very rarely take them (while other story there..)  I know it isn’t the worst problem in the world but I’m very embarrassed by it especially because my father and brother always point it out, and tell me to shave. any help in finding a better solution/ what this may be? Thanks in in advance and hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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