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Girls! Tell me what your fave series are on Netflix in 2020 so far. I need a new one to watch! Help a sister out. ?


  • Posted by Lucy McCoy

    I would recommend watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It is a hillarious but serious TV show based off the book series. I love it so much- I have watched the whole series 3 times!

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    Defintley ! i would recommend the circle

  • Posted by billie

    locky and key

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    OMG i have been watching
    that it is so creepy

  • Posted by billie


  • Posted by carebear64

    Hey there,

    Below I have devised a comprehensive list of all of the Netflix shows I have watched all the way through, or almost all the way through, plus some extras that I’ve just started watching/am planning to watch. This is a long and detailed list, so feel free to skim it.

    1. Once Upon A Time
    This is my all time favorite, I’ve watched all 7 seasons 4 times and counting. The first season is definitely the worst (in my opinion), so if it bores you out, just stick through and I promise it WILL be worth it.

    2. Gossip Girl
    Man, this one is a classic. No matter how dumb the plot gets or how idiotic and mean the characters can be, you will still love this how just because you can’t help it. I’ve watched this entire series twice.

    3. Heart of Dixie
    This one is lesser known but man is it good. Only four seasons, so it’s manageable and not too long. It’s a really cute TV show and the relationships are legit goals. The main character, Zoe Hart, will annoy you n the first episode, but by episode two you will love her to no end.

    4. The Good Place
    I haven’t had the pleasure of watching the latest season (because it’s not on Netflix yet) but the first four seasons are great and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about watching it.

    5. Jane The Virgin
    This one is crazy. I tried to watch it a while back, and I quit at season 3 because I felt like it got way out of hand and deviated too much from what I signed up for. But here’s the secret: the basic plot is not what you’re supposed to sign up for. This show is a modern telenovela, complete with all of the classic twists, murder mysteries, romances, and dramas. As long as you go into the show knowing that, you will love it. I know I did when I finally realized that, and watched the entire show.

    6. Gilmore Girls
    It’s rare for me to start a show on Netflix and never finish it, but I actually have never finished this one. Honestly the reason why is because I shipped Rory and someone together and they didn’t end up together, so I couldn’t bring myself to finish the show. But it is really funny and you will absolutely love Rory and Lorelai and their dynamic.

    7. Lucifer
    This is a relatively new show that’s come to Netflix and man is it good. The third season can get to be a teensy bit of a drag, but at least the first season is definitely worth a watch. And honestly, the amazingness of season four makes up for season three. Plus, they’re making a season five and *maybe* even a season six.

    8. You
    Again, this is a relatively new one. And it’s definitely the creepiest out of all of them. Still, it’s really intriguing and worth a watch. And Penn Badgley executes his role perfectly.

    And for the shows I plan to watch or have recently started:

    1. The 100
    This is a political drama set in the future and even though there’s a lot of killing (like, a lot), it’s still interesting and fun and definitely different from other shows out there.

    2. Grey’s Anatomy
    Pretty much everyone who has Netflix has seen this, but just in case you haven’t, it’s up there. I mean, I haven’t. So it’s possible.

    3. Love is blind
    This is a new dating show where basically people date without ever seeing each other. It’s weird and I honestly don’t like it because I think they fall in love way too quickly but it might be your cup of tea, I don’t know.

    That’s my list. Again, I know it was long, but I figured you could use a big list, depending on what you like, etc.

    Good Luck finding a show you like!

    xoxo, carebear64

  • Posted by Sarah Rose

    I would definitely recommend
    1. Pretty Little Liars
    2. Loch and Key
    3. The 100
    4. Brooklyn Nine Nine
    5. Riverdale
    6. Jane the Virgin
    7. A series of unfortunate events

  • Posted by Lily de Boef

    I’d say Lucifer because Lauren German is a literal goddess and a great actress

  • Posted by shaylah olsson

    100% cheer or cheer squad I’ve watched them both at least 5 times

  • Posted by Sophie Hopkins

    Pretty Little Liars, for sure! If u like mystery, comedy, drama, and horror, then then this is the show for u1 U can find it on Netflix

  • Posted by Emma Hype

    The Vampire Diaries 4 sure. This show is my all time favourite I’m so obsessed with it I really recommend it.This can make u feel all sorts of emotions.After the first season it gets really interesting and it makes u want I watch more and more I’m up all night watching TVD not that I suggest that u do that since u need ya sleep but it’s just an amazing tv show and it has a little bit of horror,action,romance,sadness,comedy and happiness.The characters in the show are so inspiring and it can also make u feel really good about yourself.This show can make u more confident in my opinion since it actually has made me very confident?.There r many badass characters,caring,loving,compassionate characters,some that act like the bad guy but r really softies?.The actors r really and I mean really attractive??.This show can also help u in your life physically since it can push u to do great things! Okay now I’m going to talk a little bit about the characters personalities so first we have Elena❤️Elena is very warm,loving,kind,caring,compassionate,helpful person and she would do anything to keep the people she loves safe.katherine she is very selfish,manipulative,impatient,rude,a badass character (she is like my favourite) but she is not all bad because she does actually become quite loving and caring,Katherine’s back story was so upsetting for me and I believe she deserves much more better?.Damon he is the most fittest man alive!!!!!???anyway Damon is like Katherine but he feels much more and he loves and he cares for people and he’s just above all amazing.Stefan is also like Elena he will do anything to protect the people he loves and he is a very bright person but he also has a dark side?he’s had a struggle with his ripper side which I call it a couple times but he tries his best to keep that at bay he fights the urge every single day to make sure that bad side never comes?.there are some other main characters who are absolutely incredible but I’m going to move onto the next thing now.In a short version this is how the show goes I’m going to do this without any big spoilers aswell?so there is this girl named Elena her parents passed away in an accident which she was in and seemed to survive at school she has many friends and then she meets Stefan and then his brother Damon and then the series turns into a massive love story but has some danger too?.this series fits into many different categories and that’s why I love it so much since it isn’t just based on one category alone.Many characters are intruded during the series aswell.As u watch u feel like u have a connection with the characters it’s amazing! There are other supernatural creatures than just vampires which I love! There is much sarcasm in this aswell with makes it funny(Damons sarcasm?)Elena friend as well Bonnie and Caroline are the main characters aswell and I have grown to love them both!??Overall I think this series has changed my life in so many positive ways and I really hope the people who are reading this chose to watch it aswell?Thank u for reading! Xx

  • Posted by Emma Hype

    The originals is also great.
    The Originals is the spin off of The Vampire Diaries, one of the best television shows I’ve ever watched. So it had a lot to live up to. And did it? Well it did, and more. The Originals focuses on the original family of Vampires, the oldest and strongest vampires in the history of time. They were first introduced in Season 02 Of TVD(Klaus and Elijah), and Season 03’s main storyline was all about the Mikaelson family, the Originals. And that season was one of TVD’s best. So The Originals is an amazing show and is not to be missed. Joseph Morgan is an amazing actor, and he makes you love Klaus, even when he’s the bad guy. Daniel Gillies is a great actor, he makes that noble, caring Elijah really come alive. Phoebe Tonkin’s character is a very lovely addition to the show. Hayley is like their moral compass, a necessary good. The Originals is just as good, if not better than TVD, you feel for these characters and keep wanting more. It’s currently airing its final season, and it’s so far been lovely(and tragic). Season 01 was about the family’s return to New Orleans, the city they helped found, only to find it taken over by Klaus’ former protege, Marcel(I hate him). And Klaus was shocked to find out about his to be born child. It was a great season, especially E16 and E21,22. For TVD fans, Michael Trevino stars as Tyler Lockwood for 2 episodes.
    Season 02 was about how an old time relative of the family had returned to take back what she was promised- every firstborn of the Mikaelson clan, in other words, Hope. For TVD fans, Nina Dobrev stars in E06 as Tatia, the original Petrova doppelgänger.
    Season 03 was about the realisation of a very dark prophecy- each Mikaelson would fall, one by friend, one by foe and one by family. It’s also the season where the Upgraded Original Vampires are intro’d(Beware of Lucien Castle). Best of all, Kol Mikaelson comes back! For TVD fans, Paul Wesley stars as Stefan Salvatore in E14, which is a TVD/TO crossover.
    Season 04 was a short one, but very impactful. It makes us cry for this family and it’s just a great season. For TVD fans, Matt Davis stars as Alaric Saltzman in E13 and one more.
    Season 05 is the final season, and quite emotional. E06 will break your heart, E10 will make you see how adorable Klaus and Hope’s relationship is and E08 is fascinating. For TVD fans, Candice King stars as Caroline Forbes for E01, E06, E07(voice), E12(to air soon) and maybe 13(series finale) and Matt Davis will star as Alaric Saltzman in E12.
    Don’t miss The Originals, it gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Posted by Lisa Angwin

    Heartland easily! Or Sugar Rush :p

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra


    Pretty Little Liars has always been my ALL TIME FAVOURITE – maybe I’ll start watching it from the very beginning again?


  • Posted by Anonymous

    I would really recommend “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”. My bestie and I love it!

  • Posted by Isi Batres


  • Posted by Anonymous

    no stranger things!!!
    anybody here who is obsessed with stranger things?

    • Posted by Jacinda Gatman

      DEFINITELY STRANGER THINGS!!!! I am seriously obsessed with it!

  • Posted by Piano Girl

    The babysitters club

  • Posted by SamaraS

    Low key like Anne with and E. I just love that it’s a period piece, and Gilbert Blythe😍 Also Never have I ever was alright

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Thanks for all the suggestions girls!

    I’ve added so many to my list! Better get watching.

    Gem x

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Thanks for all the suggestions girls!

    I’ve added so many to my list! Better get watching.

    Gem x

  • Posted by Mariah Evans

    I would recommend ‘When Calls The Heart’. This is a great series for girls who like romantic movies. It is completely clean, so you do not need to worry about that. Enjoy!

  • Posted by Grace_gossipgirl

    Definitely Kath and Kim it’s hilarious and they are just so strange. It’s an Australian show which is awesome its the best

  • Posted by Grace_gossipgirl

    Also not really a series but i would recommend the kissing booth movies

  • Posted by Millie Rose

    Mine is
    1/ The umbrella academy
    2/ babysitters club
    3/the chilling tales of Sabrina
    5/The series of unfortunate events

  • Posted by Kitten Lover

    Probs baby sitters club. Its so good.

  • Posted by Clarice Wright

    you should also watch riverdale, stranger things or locke and key

  • Posted by Nicole Summer

    My top three are 1. Pretty little liars
    2. The Witcher (cause Henry Cavill is hot)
    3. Riverdale

  • Posted by Mackenzie Murnane

    My top fav shows are…
    .When calls the heart
    .Ashley Garcia
    .Fee rein
    .The worst witch
    .The healing power of dude
    .Project Mc2
    .Julie an the Phantoms
    .Alexa and katie
    .The baby sitters club
    .Go live your own way
    .Izzy’s Koala world
    .Mako mermaids h2o

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Mine that I would recommend would have to be heartland.

    Kind regards


  • Posted by Alice Higgs

    100% 12 forever

  • Posted by Emily Downie

    well, i have 3 that i go back to often.
    one, FULL HOUSE. a classic. i wasn’t born when it came out but I binge watched all of the seasons again and again

    two, stranger things. well duh
    finn wolfhard is a w e s o m e

    three, Shazam. not a series but it has jack dylan grazer in it so bish I’m in

  • Posted by Tiffany Vancouver

    Love once upon a time, gossip girl, 90210, river dale, the babysitters club and if I wanna laugh y’all should watch haters back off.

  • Posted by Tiffany Vancouver

    Love once upon a time, gossip girl, 90210, river dale, the babysitters club and if I wanna laugh y’all should watch haters back off. And stranger things?

  • Posted by Hannah Jacobson

    Broklyn-99 its so good. xx

  • Posted by Grace Stapleton

    def riverdale

  • Posted by Bec W

    I would recommend:
    The good place
    Jane the virgin
    The IT crowd

  • Posted by Bec W

    If your on kid Netflix then…
    Fuller house
    H2O just add water
    The worst witch

  • Posted by Anonymous

    Definitely Glee! very funny with great music and relationship drama

  • Posted by Amelie Burgess

    my fave movie on Netflix is Tall girl
    my fave series is the dragon prince

  • Posted by Bianca Alvarado

    RIVERDALE!!!!!!! 100%!!!!

  • Posted by Isi Batres

    Mine has to be Brooklyn 99 and Friends, hands down. Fun stories about friends, jobs and family.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Surely I’m not the only one who keeps coming back to this list when I’m stuck on what to watch? 😂

    Keep the suggestions coming everyone!

    Gem x

  • Posted by Mila Porter

    Okay gals….. I have 2 ideas.
    The first is A series of unfortunate events, I don’t have many words its just amazing. The second is the best.. CAMP CRETACEOUS!! Its about 6 teens around the ages of 12 and 15 but most are 14. Three girls and three boys: Darius Kenji and Ben, Yazmina Brooklyn and Sammy. Great series and now has released the fourth season and soon coming is season five.

    Just please, watch Camp Cretaceous. Its AMAZING.

  • Posted by Mila Porter

    O M G. FREE REIN, I used to be obsessed but I don’t with it much anymore but STILL an amazing series. I really like Mia she’s rlly posh but Zoe’s better obvi.

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