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first boyfriend (HELP)

So i’ve got my first boyfriend and don’t know what to do
we live in the same place except we go to different schools
how do you do long distance relationships?
and any tips?

  • Posted by Ellie

    Plan to meet up on the weekend, call each other every now and then, make sure you don’t restrict your relationship to texting because it’s not the best way to communicate and get to know each other (talking from personal experience). Don’t stress about not seeing him a lot though, it’s good to be able to have time away from your boyfriend sometimes anyway (I think).

  • Posted by Eddy

    Okay. First… calm down. If you’re nervous… remember he’s probably nervous too. If both of you are nervous you’ll never get anywhere! And if anyone needs advice on what NOT to do… I’m your girl! I’ve been through the lot. Second… go somewhere nice on the weekend. The movies, a picnic… as long as you both enjoy it. Third… don’t delay. It makes everything more awkward! And if you want to break up, don’t just stop talking, tell him how you feel. Don’t blame it on him. Make sure he understands that you are not getting back together.

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