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First kiss experience (good or bad)

Lets see what everyone’s first kiss experience was the good and the bad. Please tell me your first kiss stories i want to know if anyone else was as embarrassing as mine?

Ok so last year (2018) ester weekend i met a bot 2 years younger than me. I was living with my nanna and pop at the time but i was sleeping over at my grandma’s. We were texting on the Friday night and wanting to see each other either Saturday or Sunday. So we went to a small cove area where not many people go to. Then he gave me a peck i was surprised. so the he stared making out with me pretty much. Putting his tongue as far down my throught and then i started gagging (i have a really bad gag reflex). but the worst thing was he kept kissing me for 5 more minutes after i started gagging.

So there’s my first kiss story i hated it and i hope in the future my gag reflex isn’t as bad.

  • Posted by Bek05

    Oh gosh!! That’s so funny you had me in stitches?? well Ive never kissed before but hey, my friends have and they say it’s so good…so I’m waiting for some guy to come along and maybe we’ll date or just kiss first but I gotta admit that I hope it happens soon!! ? any advise??

    But I also wanna know What do people think:
    Date and then kiss
    Kiss first and then date

    ?????? Love ya all!! Xoxo

  • Posted by Smittenkitten59

    The topic of my first kiss is quite a complicated one.

    While I’ve never ‘made out ‘ before, I have missed a few people in my time. The ‘first’ of which was a boy who I kissed in a swimming pool at 8 years old, but I don’t really count this one as it the whole situation was so ridiculous and we were so young (I guess it was an okay experience, though)

    My first kiss as a teenager, however, happened at 14 with another girl, it was a dare, but I count this one as it was a little more serious. It was a good experience overall.

    I hope this answers your question 🙂

  • Posted by lilah johnson

    Im 13 and I had a proper make out sesion this year at my school dance (it was a minute if that counts idk)with a random turns out that random was my good friends crush and she started crying

  • Posted by lunie lovegood <3

    my first kiss? oh god, oh god. where to start? it will be short. my cousin. god help me. we were ‘dating’ for like a week.

  • Posted by billie

    i was like 5 years old when i had my first kiss

  • Posted by SamaraS

    Haven’t had my first kiss yet. I have almost had it, with my ex, but no? I really want to have it before I finish high school though. I’m in year 10 this year. So idk if it’ll happen.

  • Posted by Lisa Angwin

    Haven’t yet! Kinda can’t wait. Don’t even a crush yet so it’s gonna be a while.


    it was on they school bus on my may hon i live in las vegas nv and me and him were date 3 ears and umm when he tried the kiss me i may have punched im and broke him nose but after he had went to the doctor and every thing he tell me how about we try that again and holy crap he knew how to kiss i sais dam and went for it again and after that me and him went home we had snuck out and we had kissed again this time when we went o the park with his friend he gave me a promise ring and me and have been together since and i think he want to marry me me all tho im 17

  • Posted by Lizzie Smith

    First kiss?
    It was only last month before we broke up, actually. So me and this boy have been “flirting” with each other ALL year, but I never liked him, that’s just how we acted towards each other. Anyway, one day he just came up to me and hit me for NO REASON in front of my friend Rosie, and she was like “he clearly likes you” and we had a debate for a while. Then I realized, maybe I liked him, who cares!? 😋 and then I just told this other girl the next day and she told him and we got together and we’re holding hands and hugging as SOON as we got together. Anyways, everyone in the school knew, bc were bother REALLY popular, and then the next day, he just kissed me 😋✨ when I gave him a hug after his basketball game 🥺🦋 but we broke up, AND let me just say, he’s a REALLY good kisser ngl ngl

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