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First kiss, Help!

There’s this guy I’ve been talking to for a while and we’ve been wanting to meet up for a while and we finally might b meeting up soon and I haven’t had a first kiss before and he has and I don’t know like what to do or how to act, if we were to kiss.
So like those who have had your first kiss help me out please.

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    It’s so exciting when you find that someone special to share your first kiss with! That feeling of butterflies in your stomach just makes everything more exciting!

    First kisses can be a mix of emotions. They may be exciting, embarrassing & beautiful all at the same time. Don’t worry if there’s a clashing of heads, noses or teeth, it happens to the best of us!

    It’s totally normal for it to be a little awkward at first, but relax & don’t overthink it! Just go with it & you’ll find your body takes over. If you want some tips, check out our blog. Enjoy!

  • Posted by gabby923

    K so I had my first kiss before. My advice is just like hug for a while then look up into his eyes and lean in, close them and kiss. When it actually happens DONT FRENCH unless u want to and he wants to cause its kinda awkward. On the same account don’t just touch lips lmao that’s how my first kiss went hahaha. Kind of copy how they do it in the movies like they kind of suck each others lips lmao. and repeat. But omg kissing one of the BEST feelings ever. overall just remember to enjoy it and yea. good luck!

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