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First period (MUST READ)

I was 10 and a half when I got my first period. It was a school day and when I got back from school I went to the bathroom and did my business and saw blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper.  I was shocked I didn’t know what to do. I flushed the toilet washed my hands and went to my mum and said “Uh mum when I went toilet blood was in there” and then my mum said “oh you just started your period I’ll get dad to buy you some pads”. I walked away shocked. When my dad brought them he also gave me a chocolate bar I was like why do I need the chocolate and my mum said “it’s an award for becoming a young woman. When I was on my period I didn’t have cramps at all and my flow was light. But then the next year came and I didn’t have my period at all is that normal?? Throughout the years my periods have became heavier to the point I had to skip school because I couldn’t walk. Anyways that’s my first period story thanks for reading xx?

  • Posted by Missmoody

    Ha wow that’s a pretty weird period story

  • Posted by happy_chappy

    Wow that is crazy! It is normal though to have a gap between periods in the first few cycles. after I had my first my second one came 4 months later and the months in between slowly shrunk to standard after about 5 periods.

  • Posted by xBrookieCookiex

    @happy_chappy yeah I guess I started today and my older sister had that happen to her

  • Posted by Littlelucy010

    At least your dad knows my dad doesn’t

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