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First period? Pubic hair issues!!

Well, it has been about 2 months since my last post abt when i was going to get my first period and weirdly it still hasnt come. Ive grown alot since then my breast are now nearly adult size even tho im still 11 and my pubic hair is so much that my discharge gets stuck( tmi ik) but my real question is should i cut my pubic hair, its actually causing me trouble and its very uncomfy. I dont want to talk to my mom abt this stuff so im just trying to get advice from other people x

  • Posted by Bec W

    Pubic Hair:
    You might have to end up asking your mum for help, about this but it’s completely up to you to remove it (still asking your mum or dad) you could shave it or wax. If you go somewhere to wax it then you would have to be comfortable with a stranger helping you wax and it may hurt a lot but again what ever makes you feel comfortable and confident.
    You seem to have most of the signs of you being in that stage of puberty like discharge, growing breasts and pubic hair
    Just be prepared and some day it’ll come.
    By the way do you mean by nearly adult breasts that you have an adults amount of cleavage cause I get periods and wear a 10A bra but I don’t really have cleavage.

  • Posted by Anonymous

    if you dont want to shave (gives me razor burn) you can always just trim with scissors but be careful

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