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First period story’s (come and join in)

Come and share your first period story’s. Mine will be in the comments below. It is not very interesting. Intresting or not I want to no yours

  • Posted by Mean Girl

    I woke up one morning, I went to the toilet as I usually do. I saw a small brown spot. I went straight to my step mum to be sure it was what I thought. It was. She went to buy me pads. When she came back she said “ I have just texted dad” ?? later that day dad sat me down to talk about it

  • Posted by stressedandtired

    I was away with my dad, brothers, and cousins. We had walked for like half an hour, in our togs (togs are what Kiwis call things you swim in), to the swimming spot. I’d been wearing white shorts over my togs and when I pulled my shorts off I saw a red-brown stain in the crotch. I had no idea what to do but I didn’t want to tell anyone so I swam for like 2 minutes to avoid suspicion. I got out and sat down in the rocks with my towel around me to avoid ppl seeing it. When we finally got back to the place we’d been staying at (the only toilet was a long drop!) I realised I had to tell my dad, a bit after I told him my aunt texted him saying my cousin thought I might have my period. I went home a few days later and I was ok in the end.

  • Posted by Butterfly_Girl

    It was actually 2 days ago that I got my period. So I was getting ready to go to bed, so I was gonna have a shower I pulled down my pants and saw lots of Dried up blood, even though I knew all about periods I was so shocked as I expected less blood. I instantly ran into my mum’s room and told her about it, and then she said that I got my period! I had a shower then put a pad on. I’ve had horrible cramps ever since! ?? Xoxo

  • Posted by Eatsleeprepeat

    i woke up in the morning after having cramps the night before, i went to the toilet and i looked down and sure blood in my knickers. since everyone was asleep i woke up my big sister and told her then she came with me to tell mum. after that i learnt how to put pads on, it was a very exciting day!

  • Posted by Inhoops22

    My mum was cleaning out my younger brothers room and i said “hey can I go play outside?” So I went to the toilet before I played outside and I saw reddish brownish stuff on my undies I seriously had a panic attack on the toilet I go out and I said “Mum there is some weird reddy stuff on my undies “ she puts down my brothers school work and gives me a liner it only lasted 1 day it was one stressful day let me tell you that

  • Posted by Nattkozy

    I’m with Butterfly girl I get the worst cramps ever!??

  • Posted by #awks_sls

    well, i got mine a few weeks ago, i’m 15. i was out with my friend for dinner, a movie, and the arcade. i was complaining of a sore stomach but thought it was because i was eating junk food. i went to the bathroom and there was a tiny bit of blood so i thought nothing of it. i couldn’t sleep because the cramps were so bad. the next day, there was more blood and some on my pyjamas. i told my mum and that was that. because i was so late, i already knew pretty much everything about it.

  • Posted by Jessica Humphreys

    mine is pretty boring-but I was super lucky-
    so-the night before I had heaps of cramps and I felt horrible so just to be safe I put on a pad when I woke up the next day I went to the toilet and sure enough it happened so I told my mum and she got me sorted.

  • Posted by Siena Barnett

    Mine’s kinda boring I guess.. my grandparents were over and I went to the bathroom and luckily I was wearing a panty liner because of discharge because there was brown stuff and girl let me tell you, it was no shock. I’d been so ready for my period to come (not that I was excited lol, just interested) and I knew exactly what it was. I just pulled my undies up and ignored it (coz it wasn’t that much) until my grandparents went home and then I went into mum’s bathroom and got stuff and went mum came into my room I was like guess what… I GOT MY PERIODDD!!

  • Posted by Grace Andrews

    Haha mine was a bit funny. I was at school eek and I went to the bathroom at lunch and thought I had pooed my pants! I was so worried but I always had kept a little bag in my backpack with emergency sanitary products just in case. But then it didn’t come around again for another 7 months!

  • Posted by stargazer 1

    I was out for high tea in the city with my mum and sister. We fished up, then went to the bathroom. Thats when I saw tiny bits of blood spots. “Not, I’ve got my period”, I said to myself, I was in shock, so then stuffed my undeies with as much toilet paper as I could. After a long, painful ferry trip, we finally got home. It was the evening by this point, so I had dinner and went to bed, still not telling mum yet. I woke in the morning with a tiny bit on blood on my undies. Got up and went to mum, I said “mum, I have to tell you something later…”, she said “what is it, write it down” and as cheesy as it sounds, I still remember writing those words “I got my period.”!!! But yeah for the first 2-3 ish years from getting it I had HORRIBLE cramps, but now I find my period kinda painless and ok ish ?

  • Posted by Sophie Castle

    Mines not that interesting but anywayyyy, i was with my aunty and cousin and we had been out horse riding for my christmas present from them and when we got back to my aunty’s house i went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down and there was a heap of blood (i had a panty liner on that day cause i would sometimes wear one just incase, idk i was a weird kid ahah) and i knew what it was because i’d heard about it at school and was so excited for it to come (idk why tho cause now i absolutely hate it) and so i wrapped some toilet paper up stuck it in my underwear and went on with my day and finally told my mum when we got home like 5 hours later. i think i was like 13-14 at the time. I didn’t get it again for like another 5 months !!

  • Posted by Clara He

    So I woke up and saw there were these blood stains on my inner thighs I guess, and then I checked and I realised I got my period. I was lucky I woke up early that morning, because I basically was freaking out and texting every one of my friends until one replied. I told them and then I told my mum. The saddest thing was, that day was my school party day and we were going swimming. I didn’t put in a tampon, and call me unhygienic but I went in the pool and nothing happened. Interesting story though 🙂

  • Posted by MysteryGirl

    I got mine on the first day of the year in the morning and i didn’t tell my mum for quite a few hours i just chucked a liner in until night and then i finally told mum and she gave me this big box filled with pads and liners and let me rest for like a week it was pretty basic. Only problem was i had to go to the beach and swim a few days after I got it but now I have had it for over a year and get really bad cramps and am always in a bad mood.

  • Posted by Anonymous

    So I had actually been really excited for my period to come,and because of this I knew everything about it, including indicators that it was coming. However, I thought I wouldn’t get it for another 6 months, since I knew that most girls get their periods about 2 years after their breast start developing, and mine had only been developing for 1.5 years.

    I was in the computer room with my mom one day, and I needed to go pee. On the way to the bathroom, a thought flickered in my mind: ‘what if I pull down my pants and I got my period?’ But I quickly dismissed the thought, because I thought I would get it in 6 months.

    Then I pulled down my pants, and BOOM! I had actually gotten my period!! I was so happy, and a whirlwind of thoughts circled through my head. Before I knew it, I was texting my best friend and telling her I got my period. Then I got a pad from my older sister, and 3 days later I finally got the courage to tell my mom. My first period lasted 9 days.

  • Posted by Kate van Peer

    I always had wanted mine and I had woke up when I was 12 and had mine in my undies I didn’t even put a pad on I went straight for a tampon then had a bath. For the first time I got it I was trying to be really good about going for a walk and keeping on top of my cramps. Now that does not happen

  • Posted by hallie kumar

    So i had my first period yesterday. It was easter Sunday when i had received it and i was shocked. So i have always wished for it and i always jumped to conclusions pants are a bit wet, i think i’m having my first period. But i never had it up to yesterday. i am now 13 years and wished for my period from the age of 10. I got so annoyed about it not coming when i thought it was coming so i lost interest and when the signs started to show up i didn’t care much. So it was two nights before i got my period and i was busting to go to the bathroom so i went and i saw a light pink stain on the toilet paper, i didn’t really think of it much, until the next day when little bits of bright red showed up on the toilet paper. On the same night of the little bits of blood showed up i put a pad on and went to bed thinking about all the chocolate i would get the next day. I woke up went to the bathroom and saw brown stuff on the pad and i asked my mum about it and she said i got my period. yay!

  • Posted by Jeanie Lea

    So… it was late at night and I realised that I forgot to take my liners off my undies. I had been getting heavy discharge (no period tho!!) and left them stuck to my undies (how silly!!) in the washing basket. So I saw that there was blood on my liners!! I was very confused and as it was at night, I put on a pad I had ‘just in case’. The next day, there was more blood on my pad so I told my mum and she explained that it was my period!!

    • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

      Hey Jeanie, You totally mastered your first period! It’s awesome how prepared you were!

  • Posted by Mimi Peake

    So I was super excited for my period and September 2018 after youth camp I started binge watching period videos. I watched them until December and that was that. Then in March this year I got addicted again because I found discharge in my underwear. About a week later I got liners. Next month just before April holidays I started thinking about what circumstances I would be in when I started. Then I realised that it would probably start at an inconvenient time aka when I was camping during Easter. We left on Good Friday but I didn’t get it. I woke up the next day and I went to the bathroom I looked down at my liner and nothing but the discharge from yesterday was there. I wiped and there it was, my period, it was pink so I knew exactly what it was. I had enough supplies to make it through. But on the Monday a crisis came. My mum had left with my sister and I realised in shock that I had no pads left. I only had tampons! And they weren’t even the small ones they were the regular, compact ones. I didn’t push it in far enough and sitting through lunch was torcher. I pushed through while we packed the car and as soon as we had finished i ran to the bathroom. I saw with delight that they had refilled the paper towel. I took some, went into the stall and pulled out the tampon which kinda hurt as it had only been there for four hours. I made a diy emergency pad and I made it home. On Wednesday after I thought I had finished I was wearing a super thin liner I did netball training. When we finished early I had to go home in my coaches car. I saw with horror that the liner was soaked in red blood. I turned it around and hoped for the best because there was no toilet paper. I have a male coach and as such did not want to stain his car even though I knew he has two daughters that already had it. I made it home and I didn’t stain his car. I stained only four items of clothing that period. Three pairs of underwear and one pair of shorts.

    • Posted by Mimi Peake

      OMG i didnt think my story was that long lol but yeah i get even worse cramps now so thats sad. My story is so messed up its been almost a year since i started watching period videos and i got my second period like two months later but it was probs just spotting and also i was in another state so yeah. AAAAAAAARRGH. and in all the edits i forgot to mention i got my first one at 12 and a half and i am now thirteen and cycle is more regular i think.

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        Mimi Peake
  • Posted by Michelle

    I’ve only had my first period recently. No second yet. But anyways, I’m 12. Some student, including me, participated in Volleyball that goes for the whole school day. Ok, that’s not important at all. Then when I came back to school, I needed to go to the toilet and when I pulled down my underwear, I saw some brown stains. The first thing that came to my mind, was that I pooped. I felt so embarrassed, omg. Then I told my mum, and she told me she thinks I have my period. She bought me pads then it was good. I had cramps though, it hurt and it was annoying. But yeah, that’s my story!

  • Posted by Angelica Dormer

    Mines pretty boring.

    So the night before, I was swimming in my pool and just chilling like any normal person, when I suddenly started having a mild cramp but to me it felt like hell (it was my first one so I didn’t know ones like the ones I’m having at the moment could be this bad or exist – I feel like dying right now) so i got out of the pool and went to my room, and for some reason, started watching period hacks and things like that on youtube- I didn’t know why but I tended to do it a lot that month- and later fell asleep without getting changed. the next morning I went to the bathroom and saw blood on my swimming costume and started to freak out (“Is this my period?” “oh no I’m a wOmAn” “I’m the first in my year” etc) and went to tell my mum. she was on too. She explained how to use a pad and I was fine

    But being a woman is HARD

  • Posted by Pink Milk

    i got my first period in 5th grade. i didn’t notice it until after lunchtime when i had athletics training. quickly, i went to the bathroom before heading off. when i saw blood. i was a bit confused at first, but i knew that i got my period. i was panicking and was like “wtf??” of course, i couldn’t just stay in there. so i went and had training, but i had no idea what to do. i didn’t really have any close friends, since i just met them this year. and i couldn’t tell the current teacher either, because she wouldn’t care. so there i was, running 800m with blood and stomach cramps. it was a mess!

    after school, i went straight to my mum and sister and told them about my period. (i didn’t spill the details ofc cause its so embarrassing). but now its been nearly 2 years and i think i’ve got the hang of periods now. if you’re reading this and you haven’t got yours yet, it’s okay! don’t worry, it will be fine.

  • Posted by Mazie_Kate

    Mine is really boring but here it is…. I was laying in bed late at night and just had a weird urge to go to the bathroom and when I was just about to finish and I saw a patch of blood and so I put on an old pair of knickers and went to bed (Ps I didn’t tell my mum straight away bc my mum and dad were fast asleep) and that was 6 months ago and I’m still waiting on my second one to come and it taking so long I’m even Doubting if was my period!

  • Posted by Robyn Owens

    I was watching tv and suddenly felt urge to use toilet, thought I just drank too much juice… went to toilet and there it was bright pink red on my underwear… ruined a nice pair couldn’t get the stain out. Nothing exciting, didn’t get pain the first time but the next month had severe cramps and pain. #periodsucks

  • Posted by Anonymous

    I got mine 2 days before Christmas. I just wok and went to the toilet and it was on the paper.

  • Posted by Katelyn Whenan

    Oof,this is an interesting one .I shall tell the story of my most embarrassing not my first because my first is boring.So it’s Wednesday,I’m going to a bffs house after school for a sleep over.I feel completely normal and finish my day.My friend and I head to her place and go straight to the dog .I didn’t know I was on my period because it was only due in 5 days.The dog was attacking my va jay jay I was sooo embarrassed.Next we headed for showers.Thats when I looked at my pe shorts they were covered in a red stain.It was dry meaning I’d had it since class was still in session I had to ask her for pads and I was scared of my crush for so long because I chilled with him at the end of the day meaning HE SAW THE BLOOD .Worst period experience ever closely followed by having an accident at church

  • Posted by A G

    MY story was just stupid and weird.
    So the night before, I went to the bathroom with really bad cramps, and I thought I might’ve got my period, but I hadn’t, and I was relieved. but near the end of my toilet visit, I found a very light white + red mixture on my tissue. I was, and still, am 12, and I thought I would get it round 14 because that’s when my mom got it!!! so I ignored it and went to bed. the next morning, there was nothing on my underwear, so I was relieved. that afternoon, I had a swimming lesson. So I got, but there was a slightly darker colour on my black underwear. I still went swimming anyway! Luckily nothing happened. That day I went home and got to the bathroom, and when I wiped, the whole tissue was red. I was sure I had got my period. I cried so hard. before we went to pick up my brother, I told my mom, and she gave me a few pads and liners. Even she didn’t expect this age but… Everyones different. The next term, one of my friends admitted that she got her period and from that day I felt okay that I had got it because I wasn’t alone. Just the other day another friend told me that 5 other girls in Yr 6 had got their periods, and that’s what persuaded me to write on this site. Thank you for having the patience to read the whole thing!
    XOXO Anu

  • Posted by Margaux Buttula

    I went to the toilet, like normal. And I saw brown spots and I thought, “Oml, I’m pooing out of the wrong place!”, I origanilly ignored it and told no-one. Then it went away, I was like “That was wierd.” So I went on with my life, it came back, obviously. So, I went to my mum and said, “Mum, I think I need to see the doctor.” She asked why, and I told her. Looks like that stash of 50 pad boxes (12 pads inside a box!) came in handy a little sooner than expected.

  • Posted by Emyona Ioooo

    I just got mine like a week ago, my story is boring though. So I was busting for the toilet in the morning so I went to the toilet (obviously) and then when I pulled down my undies and checked them (cuz I was interested in periods and I felt lonely when my friends talked about theirs around me) and then… I found a big patch of brown-red blood! I panicked and went downstairs to tell my mum, but cuz it’s the holidays, she was asleep.
    Later that day I went to the bathroom again and sure enough it was there. So I hurried upstairs and started thinking and reading the Puberty book the school gave us, but it didn’t help! So I went to bed with our telling my mum. That’s it
    The next day I put on a pad, I did it wrong cuz I didn’t have my mum help me, cuz I was scared to tell her, I still need help telling her.

    • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

      Hey Emyona,
      It can feel so awkward telling mum that we got our first period – but guess what? She has been exactly in your position! Try and find a time when the two of you are alone or even perhaps write a little note to mum saying that you want to have a chat. She’ll be able to help you with pads and can share her first experiences.
      Let us know how you go!
      Gem x

  • Posted by Krista Maya

    So mine is not that interesting but here it is!

    So every day at school I would get discharge and it would be so annoying when it’s hot, so one day I searched it up and it meant I would get my period in six months I predicted I would get it in August I was only two months off.

    So it was a Saturday I was in the toilet, then suddenly I saw some brown stuff on my underwear and I was like huh I dismissed it. So the next day we were going out and I quickly went to the toilet and I saw blood I instantly knew it was my period I told my mum and then I started using pads.

  • Posted by Abby Smith

    hey send you used tampons/pads to 59845 Crumstown Hwy North Liberty, In, 46554. If you do your blood will help make cramp meds.

  • Posted by Georgie Rainbow

    My first period was HEAVY. When I say heavy I mean it. I was wearing the extra goodnight pads during the day and going through them every 2-3 hours. I also had to go to school during all this, but I’m glad my mum made me cause now I’m used to being on my period at school and it doesn’t freak me out anymore.

  • Posted by Emily logan

    Mine was a little messy. I had my period in the afternoon and I found out it’s this thing. But I didn’t tell anyone about this and later my mom found blood on my dress and she told me don’t be shy to tell about periods and it is common to all girls. I don’t why I hide this thing to everybody. It was too awkward to tell. And I learned how to wear a pad that day and the blood was heavy that day. I have pain every time.

  • Posted by Jennifer Hwang

    yay i got mine today !!!
    basically i went to school and when i went to the bathroom in the morning there was a kinda stain in my underwear so i didn’t rly care about it…
    then, my mum invited me to go swimming with her in the afternoon, and while i was changing, i saw this massive blood stain… i didn’t even get to go swimming T-T
    this seems kinda boring compared to the rest of ur stories but yea idrc
    thanks for listening… special shoutout to the ones who replied to my topic luv ya guys !!

  • Posted by Celine Leong

    Mine was so embarrassing. I was on my volleyball camp and I was in the middle of a game when i cramped and i got hit in the head. I had to go to the bathroom and there was a mess of blood everywhere and I cried cos I realised what had happened. My friend came in and laughed handed me a packet of pads and walked straight out cackling. I called my mum and she wired some money to my card so I could go buy some more. It was super embarassing because most of the people in the group were boys and my coach was male and you cant just tell them that a blood bomb exploded in your underwear 😉


    Alright so mines a little Embarrassing and not kid friendly so I’ll sum it up. One night I got this liquid from my vagina and I knew I wasn’t / hadn’t peed myself, and I was getting cramps, I remembered from browsing the internet that I was getting pretty period stuff so I was like nice, and slapped on a pad that night. By the morning there wasn’t anything on my pad, but I was sure and plus I wasn’t gonna risk it at school, so I left it on, and who knew my period would come, and be super heavy. I didn’t tell my mum and I still haven’t but I get the gist she knows. I need to tell her, definitely. PS it’s been about a year and a couple of months since then.

  • Posted by amelia pitman

    i got mine last night ?

    so I woke up this morning and started getting ready for school because in Australia school still isn’t canceled. So i went to get in the shower and my mum got out of bed to say good morning. I pulled down my undies and i saw quite the lot of we all know what..

    so i went to my mum to show her and she said “it’s okay it’s okay” she told me to get in the shower and get into comfy clothes. while showering i sat there and sobbed because i wasn’t ready to get my period. the end

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Loving all these stories!

  • Posted by Brianna Marriott

    I was at awakeri hot pools with my mum and my two sisters
    It was our first and last night there me and my elder sister Emma where having laughing fits
    When I went to the toilet as usual and saw a couple blood spots on my knickers I went and asked mum if she had a pad I could use luckily she always keeps one just in case.
    The next morning I had a shower while mum went and brought some pads for me.
    And that was my story of how I went from being a girl into being a woman?

  • Posted by AdorardredFR AdorarisFR

    Aaaah, I need help so bad. I got my first period THIS MORNING and I have no idea what to do! I’ve been using pads and changing them every 3 ish hours and now when it’s close to the time I sleep I have put on a pair of specially made period undies. There was so much blood on the pads it was crazy! And when I went to the toilet and I wiped the toilet paper was covered in blood. Am I supposed to be bleeding like this? I’m so scared to tell my mum but I’m going to try tomorrow. All I want to know is is it normal to fill up my regular pads every 3 hours!? How many pads will I go through!? I have no idea how many days my period will last! I dont know if this is a heavy, normal or light flow either and I have no idea how to tell.

  • Posted by Ava Dolan

    I first saw blood on my underwear on Christmas day 2019… (really bad timing…) Fortunately, though, my mom told me I was just spotting and my period hadn’t came yet. Blood occasionally appeared on my underwear after that, but not often. The real thing started about two weeks ago. At first, I thought it was just another false alarm, but I told my mom anyways. It wasn’t. Luckily, I had put on a pad (a relatively small one) just in case. While we were playing a family board game, that pad failed me…
    Other than that incident, it’s been fine so far (except for some pretty bad cramps).

  • Posted by Rosie Walker

    Mine was very chill to be honest, i got it yesteday morning,
    I was siting on the couch watching Spongebob and i had this random feeling to go to the toilet and as I wiped I released it had brown-red blood all over It so I had a shower and went put a liner on (it wasn’t heavy at all it was more like bad spotting sorry tmi) I’m now on day two and it’s actually not that bad no cramps (yet) just tightness I feel no different a part from the bleeding part and the next day (today) I told my mum because I couldn’t tell her yesterday because she was at work all day and I wanted to say it privately, she just said ”good luck your going to have it for the next 40 plus years of your life” and she also said ”see what I mean boys have it sooooo much easier,and I went and watched YouTube.

  • Posted by Mia J

    I am 13 and am on my 3 cycle. It was last day of the school term 1 and in humanities I was complaining to my friends about pains I had in my side and lower back. I carried on with the rest of my day, and thought nothing of it. Because we were going to start online schooling because of COVID-19 my dad picked me up from school. I was happy and super excited about online school. I got home, got changed and went to my room to eat chocolate cake and do homework. I needed to pee so bad, I sat on the toilet and realised there was a lot of dried blood in my undies, I panicked. Ran into my bed room called my mum and bestie. And when mum came home she settled me down and gave me a pad. I was prepared and knew everything about periods just was an unexpected one. Xx

  • Posted by sara bell

    ok so its not that embarassing but kinda is. so this is my second period.i was having a sleepover with my friend at her grandparents, and i had started that day so i only bought 1 pad with me. so we deicied to swim so i got on my black swimming bottoms and swam then got out and relized the i only have one pad left so i when to the bath room at so toilet paper and soaked out the old blood and contiued wearing it but night i switched it for a new pad because it was a white bed i was sleeping on so i didnt want it to stain i sleep on top of the bed with my blanket under me. i got up in the morning i got up and my pad was fully soaked so it cleaned it a when on with my day. but it got to yuck so i made a make shift tampon pad thing and that my story.

  • Posted by Ali Gauci

    Mine was very… not scary or embarrasing? Like the first day I was on the toliet and it looked very brown. I was like, hmm.. must of pooped my pants. Then the next morning, (after changing my undies) it was still there! So, I went to the bathroom and wiped my bottom (tmi, i know) and it was red! So i was like, eh probably my period. I told my mum, we showered then i tested if it was my butt or not and it was my period, nothing bad!

  • Posted by Tessa Abeling

    legit yesterday i woke up like normal, except i woke up like 2 hours before my alarm and went to the bathroom like i usually did. i realized that when i was peeing there was blood and was like oh crap i think i got my period, luckily i have 2 older sisters and had supplies ready 🙂 second day of my period is great! ALSO my cousin is coming over to swim tommorow and i figured out to use a tampon on my second day!!

  • Posted by PERIODT ?

    I woke up and was going to go straight to my friends pool, I went quickly to the toilet and realised I Had brown all over my underwear. I told my mum and put a pad on and put some tampons in my bag, I went swimming and wore a tampon even though I didn’t really need it. It lasted 3 days and was very light, now it lasts for 8 days, is very heavy and I get cramps. I started some time during year 6.

  • Posted by Anonymous

    So basically yesterday, i was at my grandparents. I went to the bathroom and saw brown stuff. I told my mom when I got home. And we talked for a little bit. And today I feel like crud :l.

  • Posted by Isi Batres

    My family was having a virtual amazing race with her work buddies, and once it finished, i went to the bathroom to pee. I saw a big red splotch and shouted out to my mum. She didn’t say anything and ran to the shower cabinet to get me pads. I was using the ones for like older women, but when i found libra girls, they were soo much better for my type.

  • Posted by Sophie Bear

    Haven’t gotten mine yet but I am nervous it might come soon… posted a topic about why… 😬😭 Im so nervous

  • Posted by Sophie Bear

    Hey guys!

    I haven’t gotten mine yet but I’m kinda nervous and I think I might get one soon… 😢😬

    I posted a topic about it… please help! Its labeled: I’m confused! Please Help!

    I think… anyways it should be in the resents…

    Its by me! (SophieBear.y or Sophie Bear)

    Please help! 😭

  • Posted by Lottie Bushby

    My first period story is not very exciting nor embarrassing. We were in the middle of lock down because. of Covid 19. I had had some stomach pain and was a bit moody the day before but though nothing of it. Before dinner I when to the toilet and saw blood on my undies I was excited because I new it was my period. After dinner I told my mum ( after dinner because I was embarrassed to tell any one in front of my dad and brother) and she gave we a pad and was really nice to me. I told two friend when I got back to school and they are really nice about it( both of them don’t have they period) and that it.

  • Posted by Bec W

    I got a lot of discharge in my undies that I would realise each night. I thought I was peeing myself! I would wipe my downstairs area and be confused because it was “moist-ish” unlike urine. One night I had period pain but I thought it was just something I had eaten. And when I was getting into my pyjamas I saw blood on my white undies! I tried not to panic but was talking really fast in my head. I tried on a pad but I had never worn one before so i thought it was a heavy days pad so I wore panty liners for 2 days.

  • Posted by Shaylah olsson

    I don’t have mine yet but theses story’s are getting me prepared for mine

  • Posted by Piano Girl

    I don’t have my period but I am ready because tonight i had the talk

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Piano Girl,

    Oooh the talk! How exciting! How did it go?

    Gem x

  • Posted by Bella ❤️

    ME. It was lunch and I thought that I was busting to go to the bathroom, them while at my locker my friends told me that there was something on my uniform, and I said “its probably chocolate milk or something I sat on”. Then I maths class I felt my underwear because it felt like I was peeing in my pants and it was red. I panicked and asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom.

    I went bathroom and there was blood all over my uniform and underwear. I remember grabbing a whole lot of toilet paper and stuffing it in my undies, then going to the office and mind you I was crying and panicking and crapping myself.

  • Posted by Bella ❤️

    Have you gotten them yet? ❤️

  • Posted by Abigail Hornstra

    I haven’t actually had my first period yet but I just can’t find a good topic to post this on

    the last term we had the talk in health everyone thought it was really bad but I actually quite enjoyed it. we got the kit out and played around with the tampons and pads. then the next day a boy opened his desk and said “miss there is something in here that doesn’t belong in here!” and guess what? … he pulled a tampon out of his desk all the girls burst into laughter, it was so funny!

  • Posted by Reee227

    So basically I had my first period when I was on vacation.
    And I was totally not prepared
    It was a Monday morning I went to have a shower and while I was removing my clothes I saw a bit of brownish spots on my undies,I had a quick shower and stuffed a lot of toilet paper into my undies.I went into my mum’s room and said “Mum can U talk to you quickly” and I told her what happened.So that afternoon both of us went to the supermarket which was close to my cousins house and there she brought me a box of pads,liners and tampons.And since then my period was normal but I did have a lot of cramps.

  • Posted by Reee227

    Hi Sophie there is nothing to worry about periods are normal and it is good to be prepared.I was also nervous about getting my one but it was ok it will feel a bit weird but ya sometimes it is exciting to get your period for the first time.

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  • Posted by RandomGirl

    Hey! I’m 13 now and I got my period last year in May (a few days before my 12th birthday)

    I play tennis. So it was a Sunday and I had an important tournament. I came home that day and went to take a shower. I didn’t at all think about my period because my mum got her’s at 14 so I wasn’t worried. I pulled down my pants and saw a dark reddish and brown stain on my liner. I almost fainted lol because it was totally unexpected. I opened the bathroom door and called my mum. She came and I immediately burst into tears. Because my mum had said that you only grow like 2 inches from when your first period starts. And I was like, “Will I always be this short!?” Even though I was taller than my mum. My mum calmed me down and said don’t worry. I showered and put on pad from the kit we got at school. I didn’t go to school the next 2 days because of cramps.

    That’s all! Lmao it’s so long. Follow me on insta if you want @_siri.g_

  • Posted by Nithu T

    I actually got mine this morning! I was just changing to get ready to drop my sister off at daycare. My mom walked in when I was done. She saw a red-brownish stain on my underwear. My mom then helped me put on a pad.

  • Posted by Alesha Auckram

    I was 10 years old. Me and my family were on holiday. We were in Rotorua New Zealand, on their skyline. I was in line to go on the lunge. When my stomach started hurting. I ignored it at first. But it got unbearable. I told my dad that my stomachs hurting. And at the time, my dad didnt know I was having my period since I was so young. And I didnt know what was happening since my mum didnt give my the period talk. So I went to the toilet and looked down and found blood. I was shocked, I started crying. Then my mum came inside the bathroom and asked whats taking me so long. And I told her im bleeding. I told her “im dying”. My mum realized I had my period. So we had to cut the activity short and went to the hotel to get pads. Since the place I was a didn’t have any.

  • Posted by Bethany Scott-Donelan

    Haha so basically I had mine recently. I was taken home from school early because I was sick. I got changed went to the bathroom, saw blood, and FREAKED. I knew it was my period, the a part of me was like whattttttt is happening. So I checked with Mum and she’s like Yay finally! So yeah. I moved straight to tampons and they’re great honestly.

  • Posted by Cheyenne McElyea

    this is actually from 3 days ago I was getting ready to take a shower and i pull down my jogger yes i’m from the the usa but and way i look down and i see brown discharge so i yell for my mom and ask her to look and when she look she had said that i started my period now keep in mind that this is three days after halloween she looks in the counter and sees vampire blood so she says that i’m faking it so then i tell her to step outside the door and take the fake blood with her so she did i have her come in and have her look in the toilet and sure enough she said sorry and that i’m om my period 😭😭😭😭🤣

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Love reading all of these!

  • Posted by Laney Starkey

    My first period started a few months ago, in July. I was in FLORDIA for my 13th bday trip, and I had woken up In the hotel thinking everything was normal, but I did feel a wet feeling in my underwear, but I thought it was just discharge haha… So i went to the bathroom and there it was, a huge mess of blood in my underwear. I quickly called my mom into the hotel bathroom and told her, and she got me some pads and tampons. Since we were going to be swimming that day I had to use a tampon the first day!! The crazy thing was is that when I was packing a few days before the trip, I had debated taking an emergency period bag, and I was about to leave it home, BUT THEN I TOOK IT! It did kind of suck the rest of the trip being on my period, but I guess my birthday present that year was becoming a woman!!

  • Posted by Laney Starkey

    My first period started a few months ago, in July. I was in FLORDIA for my 13th bday trip, and I had woken up In the hotel thinking everything was normal, but I did feel a wet feeling in my underwear, but I thought it was just discharge haha… So i went to the bathroom and there it was, a huge mess of blood in my underwear. I quickly called my mom into the hotel bathroom and told her, and she got me some pads and tampons. Since we were going to be swimming that day I had to use a tampon the first day!! The crazy thing was is that when I was packing a few days before the trip, I had debated taking an emergency period bag, and I was about to leave it home, BUT THEN I TOOK IT! It did kind of suck the rest of the trip being on my period, but I guess one of my birthday presents that year was becoming a woman!!

  • Posted by Tiffany Vancouver

    Lol these were funny. My first period was bad and just…get my drift? Anyways, I was at a sleepover for a friend’s birthday and she invited the whole class, but the boys were gonna leave at 10:30. So it was like 9:40 and we were just gonna walk, all 35 of us, to the store around the corner, which was Walmart. Anyways, I fell somewhere and hit my vajayjay on a little pole cus I tripped, and I went to the bathroom, and sure enough, there was this huge pool of blood 🩸. We went back to the hotel, whatever. Then I told my friend I got cut and she was like “dude tell your mom” but my mom was in San Diego, on a plane, so after a while, me, 20 girls and 10 boys managed to figure out what happened, and there was these 2 cuts, and to top it all off, I’d gotten my period the very next morning, but the boys were really cute, they would go and buy me stuff for the next week or so, and my friends would always be so nice to me. Hope you guys learned from my mistake not to jump over the poles at Walmart.

  • Posted by Tiffany Vancouver

    I just got my period last week.

  • Posted by orange-elephant19

    I remember crying.
    And being terrified.
    I was so upset to have my period, and paced around my house completely freaking out! I’m quite a sensitive, emotional and anxious person, so this was just the tip of the iceberg. I still hate it to this day, but am now thankful I get my period. It means I’m normal. It means my body is working the way it should. It means I can have children one day.

    Nothing interesting happened in terms of how I found out. I just went to the toilet, and there it was.

  • Posted by Anonymous

    This one is a long one. I’m 12 years old, this happened two weeks ago at school (schools are open in our area). So I was in class wearing a SKIRT and I feel somthing wet, I look down and see blood trickling down my leg. At first I thought I cut myself on the desk of something, but then I realized it was my period. I’m really shy but at this point it was starting to create a puddle so I asked my MALE teacher if I could use the bathroom and of course he said yes. Probably because he saw my legs. I run to the bathroom and realize that I didnt have a pad becuase I didn’t expect it to come today. I didn’t want to see the school nurse because thats scary, so I try to wipe it. But the school’s toilet paper is paper thin so it ripped and got blood on my hands. And I think the toilet paper got stuck idk. I just decide to go back to the class and there I see a MALE janitor cleaning my mess. My teacher said I could sit in the corner and I just put my head down and started crying (I’m a wimp). I barely made it through the day cause people always commented on my bloody skirt and legs. Before I walked home I apologized to the janitor and teacher. At home my Mom gave me a pad and told me to be always prepared. I hate middle school. OMG I just relaized it wouldn’t be too bad on Halloween.

  • Posted by big chungus


    So i just started my first period today and im gonna tell you how it happened.

    Last night around 12 am my brother told me to go to sleep so i said okay. First i went to the toliet but when i wiped alot of blood was on the toliet paper. I thought nothing of it and because my mom was at work i had no other girls in the house so i brushed it of. I woke up the next day and around 1pm i had a sensation of peeing myself so i went to toliet again and blook was everywhere😂

  • Posted by Mia Ogilvie Swan

    My first period happened the day after New Years this year. And the night before I was getting really bad pains in the top of my thighs also my discharge what gotten darker and I was confused because I hadn’t hurt myself and I told my mum and she told me to put a pad on that night. I didn’t think anything of it but the next morning I had like spotting and then when I stood up it all came out (tmi) and I thought I was dying! Good luck to all the girls who haven’t started yet! Xx

  • Posted by Josie Fuller

    My first period story happened when I was 12, and it was the very start of the year. The thing was – I wasn’t even in my hom country – I was in England, half way across the world! At that point we were staying with my cousins, but they were all younger than me. I first noticed redish-brown spots on the toilet paper. It was at that point where I figured I didn’t want my period – so I just ignored it completely and said nothing about it because I did not want it. A little later in the day, the bleeding got heavier and it got worse, but I kept ignoring it. It came to the point where I had to do something about it, so I went to find my mum. It turns out, she wasn’t in the house – but at a high tea with my Aunt! So I just kept ignoring the fact that I was bleeding from down under. In the evening, when my Mum got back to my cousins house I finally told her and she gave me a pad and helped me.

  • Posted by Bella ❤️


  • Posted by Priyanka Balroop

    I haven’t gotten mine yet but I’m SUPER scared😶 and excited🤗. I have a little sis👧🏻 and I don’t want her to get scared.😥 i rlly need some help🙏🏻 and more info abt periods🥰💝

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Our experiences are all so unique and I love it! Keep sharing your first period stories! 🙌🏼

    – Don’t worry, it’s totally normal to feel nervous while waiting for your period. We have some great blogs if you want to learn more about them HERE.

    This blog in particular talks all about what to expect when you’re expecting your period. Knowing all the signs, will keep you in the loop so you’ll know when your period is just around the corner. No better feeling than being prepared! 💪🏼

    Love Gem x

  • Posted by Heidi Christie

    So mine was on a school day. Monday to be precise but oh well.
    I woke up and went to the toilet and lucky i had old nickers on because i thought i pooped myself. 🤣🤣I usually always had a thought in the back of my head saying what if i get my period. But this time i didn’t. So i got some new undies and put a liner to school and had it on until lesson 2. I went to the bathroom and bled through my liner so i got a pad and put it on and went to tell my fav teacher and she was like have you told your mum and i said no why and she is like you need to tell her so she can get u stuff.
    I went back to class and kept changing it throughout the day but ohwell. I got home didnt tell my mum and she found out and got cranky at me for not telling her so i cried and shewas then sad and said i just want to know what happens.
    But ok i love my mum she is the best 🥰🥰

  • Posted by green matcha

    i haven’t started my period yet but i’ve been researching a lot on it and am excited to have it! i know it hurts and all that i’ve literally been having cramps and all that but i feel like it might come soon and i’m excited but also very scared. ><

  • Posted by Ella Mccarthy

    Soooo, I was in grade 4 and I woke up and their was this brownish dot on my undies? Anyway I told my Mum and she dI’d a brief explanation about periods and also UTI’s. (Uniral tract infection) Because I was pretty young to get my period she took me to the doctor and she thought it was a UTI. So I had an ultrasound and was taking antibiotics three times a day until my Mum realised it came once a month.

    I went about three months without realising that it was my period not a UTI.

  • Posted by Lexithebest

    I have been reading these and now I have mine so…
    I was at my grandparents house and they drove us to there which normally they don’t do (our car was broken down) and I was talking to my cousins and I went to the toilet and saw these brownish spots. I am super prepared and have some in our car in case I get my period and some in the small pocket of my toiletries bag but the car wasn’t with us and we were staying overnight so I had to ask my older cousin fo some which was kind of awkward but anyway i got some and eventually. I am not looking forward to period cramps at all though.😩

  • Posted by Alicia McSweeney

    Ever since I was nine I always subconsciously thought “Did my period come?” whenever I had a wet feeling in my pants. I eventually grew out of that mindset and one day at school (A month or so ago actually!) I went to use the toilet like I always did and I had dried up blood all on my BRIGHT PINK undies. It was only the start of break and it felt like FOREVER before the end of it so I could tell my teacher! She sent me to sick bay with one of my friends (who already had her first period) to get a pad and that night Mum gave me a pack of Libra Girl Pads. Two days before this happened I was falling asleep at night and suddenly felt very nauseous and I had terribly bad cramps. It seemed like a wanted to vomit. I was so confused that I felt absolutely fine the next morning. I am also 11

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  • Posted by koala_lover

    hello i do not have mine yet but i am really cllose i tink because my mum got it at the same age i am now

  • Posted by Reigan Emmett

    i got mine at the start of 2021 and i went to my dads house for his birthday and had really bad cramps their at his house and i dident tell anyone because i thaught that it was just like dinner or somthing but we were on our way home and i still had cramps and i told my sisters and they told me that it was probs period cramps ( i feel bad for my brother in law he had to sit and listen ) we got home and i got some pain killers and i was fine and then 5 days later i was in a burger shop and i got it but just thought it was discharge at first but got home and realised that i got my period and it was a really heavy period to but we bought soooooooo many packets of girl pads that littealy think we brought all of the ones in the shop.

  • Posted by Luna Moon

    I know I’m a little late to commenting on this post but I just had to join in!
    It was a regular day at school but all throughout the day I felt horrible cramps! I was oblivious to the fact it might be my period and just thought I’d eaten something bad.
    I didn’t get to go toilet at all until I got to dance straight after school. I thought I had diarrhea since the blood dried up turning the color to brown. Later on at home though I could tell it was blood. My flow actually started off really heavy so make sure you are well prepared. x

  • Posted by Maia Laing

    It was the second day of school swimming in 7th grade, I was 13 and had no signs of a period arriving. That morning, nothing either. I got to school at about nine and we left for the pool at 9:20. We got to the pool at around 9:30 and I used the bathroom before I got changed. Nothing there again. I went into the change rooms right afterand I saw a small spot of red. I grabbed a tissue and checked if it was what I thought it was. I got on my swimmers and ran to my friends and told them. They were all so nice and helpful. I swam anyway tho because I didn’t wanna wear a tampon and it was so light I didn’t have to worry. Lucky and unlucky at the same time haha

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