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First period…

Hi guys, it’s been a while😊
I remember a few months ago I started posting questions about getting my period. All the things you have been telling me about periods has educated me into be an expert on the topic!

Today was the day that my period arrived and I was shocked but prepared.

Does anyone have any tips on having a period at school? Or just periods in general!

  • Posted by Isobel Butler


    Ik this is really late to when you posted this, but if you keep a bag of pads and/or tampons in your school bag, you know that you will always be ready! Also, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Every girl gets it at some point!

  • Posted by Ruby Hyland

    Yeah your not alone girlfriend

  • Posted by Zoe Ford

    Tips! Pockets: Try and hide 2/1 pads in your pocket/s so you don’t have to rush and look weird scrambling in your backpack. Tampons are much smaller so see how many you can fit. Jumpers: In case of leakage a jumper is a best friend. Bringing a jumper on any day is fine! Just say your a bit chilly if anyone asks, zero suspicion! Talking: Talk with an older sibling or close adult or parent about it they’ll know a bit more than you! Its okay to talk about that stuff. -Good Luck on This Painful Adventure Zoe!

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