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Foods not to eat before and during period?

Basically, a few days ago, (a day before my period), I ate something and it caused my period to be SUPER heavy.
Normally, it’s very light + literally no cramps, and I had to change once every ~4 hours.
But now, I used a night pad during the day, and I had to change once every ~2 hours because it was completely soaked.
When I woke up this morning, my bed sheets and pajamas were all covered in blood, and I have been getting some really bad cramps.

So, I was wondering what foods / drinks I should avoid eating before my period so it isn’t as painful nor heavy as this one?

Also, my mum said that cold foods during your period is bad, is this true?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Jennifer,

    During your period, stick to a healthy diet filled with protein & iron rich foods. My top tips, keep your water intake up, snack on fruit & load your plate with leafy greens! There’s also no shame in indulging in a bit of choccy. YUM!

    I haven’t heard that it’s bad to eat cold foods during your period. But maybe test. the theory out next period.

    Gem x

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