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friend stealing guy :(

SO i talk to a lot of guys, im just that kinda girl but i met this one guy that i really liked and i stopped talking to every other guy because i really liked him. But my friends told him that i was still talking to other guys. He told me that we couldnt talk anymore and stuff. Im okay with it now and just started getting over him until one of my ‘best fiends’ texted me and was like oh yeah we have a thing now, he was talking to me the whole time he said he liked you and this has been going on for a while now. It hurts so much and they always talk about him and my actual best friend always gets mad at them for it but they keep doing it. and i think they will date and i dont know what im gonna do because everytime she talks to him or anything it hurts so much and i dont know what to do. HELP!!!

  • Posted by Cheeky123

    Poor u. Happiness is the best revenge.

  • Posted by Evie7881

    I have/ had the same problem, so there was this guy I was dating for a year and we broke up idk why and then my really close friend started dating him for ages and he loved her and all and I was so upset because I miss him and want him back but then they broke up to find out he is now got a thing with another girl and he hates me but I love him and want to be with him and I can’t find myself going with anyone else because it doesn’t feel the same

  • Posted by kaitlonsdale

    Try to get over him. Indulge yourself into other activities. Don’t pay attention in his and your so called best friend’s matters. If he really loves you he will come back, or else you will get someone more better than him.

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