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So I have a problem because my best friend at school has basically been avoiding me….so there is a backing story….here goes.
She told me she likes the same guy as me and then I said it wasn’t a problem (she was convinced I hated her). We had both been hanging out with him and his friends together but now she won’t even talk to me. I asked her if I did anything wrong but she won’t reply. Apparently she still thinks I hate her and that’s why she won’t talk to me…..but idk what to do….I really want our friendship back, but I’m really stuck! I have 1 class with her I feel that helps.
Thanks in advance! Xxx

  • Posted by Gloria Hawkins-Roberts

    Hey girl, maybe try to take a day or a few to let things cool off. Everyone reacts differently to situations, and even though it may not seem like a huge deal to you she might see it as a barrier between your friendship. I think once you’ve let things cool off try approach her in person, talking via text can get confusing so try talk to her during that class you have. Really think about what you wanna say to her -just remember it’s one guy, your friendship is worth so much more!! I hope everything works out xx

  • Posted by Umbrella09

    Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try talking tomorrow in class and I’ll just see how it goes. Fingers crossed! ? Thanks again!! Xxx

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