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Hi guys! 🙂 So… I have a little bit of a problem, but not really. I really don’t have any friends at school, but there’s this one girl who’s really, really nice to me. She’s probably the only person who says hi to me, and who seems excited about my presence. XD I want to be friends with her and hang out with her and things like that, but the thing is, she has a few best friends already. About them, I sort of feel like they hate me, because they won’t ever even look at me, let alone acknowledge me. I don’t know if to them, I’m stealing their best friend… I mean, I didn’t even think that was possible. But either way, it’s made me feel a little… Scared, for some reason, when I’m with this really nice girl, because I can seriously feel the hatred coming from those other girls. Uhh… What do you think I should do?

  • Posted by Sarah Rose

    Hey I hope this advice helps!!
    1. Try to continue getting to know the girl that says hi to you and then get to know her friends and become apart of their friendship group. Once they realise the amazing person you are they will be kind to you. The only reason I believe they are being rude to you is because they are jealous or they don’t want to make a friend but either way just try to do what I said before because it should help.
    Good luck xx

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