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Fun sports ideas!

hey i need some ideas for sport i wanna bcm fitter

  • Posted by embo

    I sail every Sunday it is really fun and gives you great upper body strength *most* yacht clubs have learn to sail courses where they will lead you a boat and teach you the basics if your keen you should check it out

  • Posted by Charlie INkster

    I play literally every sport on the planet so if you want a recommendation on a sport just send me a message. Some of my personal favorites are step class, netball, ninja, rollerskating/ roller derby, XC, athletics, soccer and swimming but everyone is different so just keep trying them until you have found a sport you enjoy. There,s one out there for everyone. Good Luck

  • Posted by Leanna Jayne

    I find sports really difficult. Not the actual sport but being in a team. I always feel judged. But of course I want to stay fit and healthy so every Saturday I go for a run. At first it was hard to stick too but then I started seeing progress so now I’m really into it! It’s good because you can go at your own pace and make your own goals. Also some other sports ideas are swimming which is good because you can join a club or just do it on your own and it’s also a very good way to get fit. Also biking is another one where you can do it in a club or by yourself. And I did cheerleading for awhile which I really enjoyed because even though your on a team I didn’t feel judged because there’s so many different parts to it that everyone does their own thing and nobody thinks your doing it wrong. Hope this helped!

  • Posted by RILI Annny

    There is a difference between becoming fitter and skinnier and becoming fitter and building muscles. If you wan to become skinnier you should just start out going for a walk every weekend and a run once a week. If you want to build muscles I’m working towards that goal as well and a good way to do that is start lifting up cans of bake beans and then move onto small weights, you could even do a situps every time you walk into your room or something. The most important thing for getting fit overall is to measure your progress. This doesn’t help innitally but after about a week when you look back at what you’ve done it makes you feel really good.

  • Posted by stargazer 1

    Hey!! Yeah I have the same problem… I need to get fitter, haha. I was thinking of trying rock climbing or aerial silks?? I just think they would be super fun!!

  • Posted by DracoxMalfoy

    It depends on how u wanna get fitter. Gymnastics is great tho for upper and lower body strength!

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