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Getting Bullied- what should i do?

Hi all
it’s me, jimmy. i was wondering if anybody has any advice about how to get rid of a bully.
at school and out of school she spreads rumors about me all the time. if my friend is friends with the bully she turns againist me and one of them passes notes about me all the time. I am getting really sick and tired of this. please help

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Jimmy,

    I’m SOOO sorry to hear that you’re going through this. Bullying is never, ever ok. It’s hurtful and can impact someone for a long time. Remember, you’re not alone. There are people you can talk to and things you can do to stop the bullying. We’d suggest having a chat with your parents, who can have a chat with your school/teachers about it. They are there to support you & look after you, so this is the first step to take to take action against your bullying.

    I’d also have a chat to your friend, who is also friends with your bully. I think you should tell that this has been happening and that it is upsetting you. I’m sure they will understand and perhaps you can confront the bully together. If your friend remains friends with this person, whilst they’re still bullying you, I think you probably need to ask yourself, “is this person really my true friend?” A true friend would always stick up for you and agree that this behaviour is absolutely not okay!! I hope everything works out for you lovely xxx

  • Posted by Hailey McLean

    tell them “STOP IT! i dont like it” if they dont lisen tell your mummy. it always works for me!!!
    good luck queen!!! <3

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