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Getting first period advice

So, my closest friend all have their periods, and they are all my age or younger. And I’m not sure if I want it, cause my friends, or I don’t want it, cause it’s really awkward with my mom, can I have some advice on how to tell her when I do get it? Also, I’d like to know what combination of products I should use for playing basketball, very vigorously without much worry of leaks (My uniform is white). Tampon with liner, pad, cup?

  • Posted by Jazothea

    I play netball and I’ve found that a tampon with a liner is the best option for no leakage and best comfort when playing. Although for your first time you might not be up to trying a tampon, although it is perfectly doable on your first period. I used a tampon and went swimming on my first period. If not then sport pads are designed with wings and flexibility to be better for sport.

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