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Girls I need your help

Hey Girls

I need your help I really want to lose weight Because I am 12, 5’4 and 59kg I am starting to feel really down about it mostly because my sister is 67kg and she is 2 years older than me she is looking so much better than me! But the thing is I do between 1 and half to 2 hours of walking a day and I still don’t lose anything I also don’t eat junk food or fizzy drinks and I only have 3 meals a day I’m not trying wimpy but it gets really hot here around 37 degrees Celsius I don’t know what else to do I am also scared to tell my mum how I feel as well! Please Help!

  • Posted by gabby923

    That sucks! Idk what to tell u sorry, but remember that models have all had boob implants and tummy tucks so they’re not really a good source to go off. Maybe your sister is naturally willowy??

  • Posted by Jeanie Lea

    You should try your best to tell ur mum – she hopefully will understand. You are amazing – no matter what weight!! All girls are built differently

  • Posted by Anais Lily

    Hey don’t worry about it I have a big brother who is two years older then me and is the exact same hight as me which is 5’4 and he weighs 40kg were as I also weigh 59kg my brother is always making fun of me and I have completely lost all self confidence, cause even my mum weighs less then me but to say is every morning look in the mirror and say one thing your like about your self and it can never be the same thing it eventually gives you more and more self esteem and confidence

  • Posted by Mazie_Kate

    Thank you, everyone, for the help! @anais Lily I will try to do what you said❤️?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    While it’s completely normal to compare ourselves to our siblings and others, it’s important to remember that everyone is unique & that is what makes us special! Our teenage years are a time of major transformation! At 12, you’re entering the world of puberty, which causes changes to your body shape, increases hair growth & hormone levels. It can also last between 2 & 5 years. These changes can take time to get used to, and can be completely daunting at first, but it’s a part of growing up, so try not to worry!

    Going for walk in the fresh air is a fantastic way to clear your mind, while keeping you fit & healthy. Having a good relationship with food is also very important for both mental & physical health. Eating in moderation & keeping a balanced diet will keep you feeling happy, energised & more confident!

    You could always try speaking to your mum, I am sure she will support you & even offer you some great advice! She’s been through this all before. Why not try going for a walk with her & bringing it up then? For more info, check out Headspace. They’ve got some amazing advice on health & wellbeing & other great resources about mental health.

    You’re still growing & changing, so it’s important to appreciate the transformations your body is going through & although sometimes it can seem hard, confusing or just completely daunting, learn to love the skin your in & who you are! It sounds like you are doing all the right things to keep healthy & fit, so good job girl!

  • Posted by EosBlossom

    Hi there! I know I’m a little late.. okay I’m very late but I’m here to hopefully give you some self confidence and possibly save your life (okay I know that sounds extreme but you’ll have to trust me on this) to me it sounds like your living a healthy life your weight difference is fine everyone is different (sorry if your tired of hearing that) also of you ever are feeling down I suggest visiting there are some really inspirational (and adorable) drawings there. (Okay here’s the part of the me possibly saving your life) whatever don’t fall into the dark pit of eating disorders they have a 10% mortalily rate and are not good for you at all (if you have fallen in try watching Jaiden Animations video and song about hers I find it really inspiring)
    Stay healthy and stay strong I hope this helped

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