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Got my period but still no boobs

Yesterday I got my first period and I have hair and everything but I’m still so flat and I have no boobs AT all, is this normal? Will my boobs grow now that I have my period?

  • Posted by Miss Mack

    so normal! every1 is different! some adults don’t even have boobs! have a look you’ll see 😉 But I guess they start growing sometime in ur teens.

  • Posted by Sophie Hopkins

    Hey! Just to let you know, I haven’t got my first period yet, but I know for a fact that your body goes through puberty in different stages! My boobs are growing but I’m insecure (like you), about them being triangle shaped (tmi,sorry 😂)! So you have nothing to worry about. If you really want to find out more, maybe arrange to see a doctor. I can tell, you that they will ‘pop out’ when the time is right.

    Good luck,

    Sophie 😉

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