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Guys giving me mixed messages

So , recently I worked up the courage to tell my crush I liked him, I told him over text in a long paragraph explaining how I liked him and how he was just a super kind and funny guy in general and that if he does not feel the same just tell me and it will be completely fine. AnYway after that he typed and then stopped for a few minutes then sent a message about half the length of mine , he said he liked me too , but since me and him are both freshmen in highschool he wanted to work on his studies this year and grade 10 he was planning to explore dating. His last sentence in the paragraph was Maybe next year. I replied saying maybe next year. We talk to each other every day over text/Snapchat , and I  am going to be eating lunch with him and a small group of his friends once a week. (He also said maybe we can see a movie together next year) do you think I have a shot? Even untill next grade? I need some advice Girls!

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