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havent got mine yet?

Hey guys!!

I am 14 and haven’t got my period yet. I am in year 9 and about to go into year 10 (8th grade nearly 9th). I have noticed that all of my friends have started theirs (they all got theirs when they were 11-13), but i started puberty way before all of them and i am way more developed than them. My mum and my sister both got theirs at 13. Of course i don’t want it but i am curious why it hasnt started.

I started having all the symptoms for it when i was 10 but still haven’t got it? Idk can i have some advice?

  • Posted by madison white

    I am 11 and all I mean all my friends have had theirs and I haven’t it sucks but I have started getting the symptoms like 2 years ago so everyone its different

  • Posted by Magic Girl

    I’m 13 and haven’t got mine
    I’m like the only one in my class

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