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ok, so my dad is an alcoholic. he drinks every noght but he doesnt get drunk. Today, i was doing my homework and i asked him for help. he came over and gave me an idea, but my teacher would know it wasn’t me that wrote it. so, i told him that and i said that when my mum gets home, i’ll ask her. then, he started screaming and swearing at me, so i ran into my room, crying. then, he came in, threatend to hit me, and through my laptop at me. then, he grabbed a stick of deodorant, and chucked it at my head, just missing me. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Fanny Shmella

    Have you told your mum about it? You probably should and if she doesn’t do anything about maybe see a teacher or someone else if it continues.

  • Posted by GF_Expert

    Jump onto the KIds Helpline – (cut and paste this URL They have a number you call anytime and talk with a qualified counsellor in person who’ll be able to help you with this situation. LGx

  • Posted by addydavissoar

    omg my father was an alcohoic to so ask your mum to take you to family deoderent

  • Posted by Miayoooo

    I’ve been thro all that and all u can do is either tough it out, stay with someone else like a aunt or something, talk to your dad about how it makes u upset when u guys fight (only talk about it if u think it won’t make him mad) or talk to ur mom about it. If none of this works my advice is to not speak to him unless spoken to, Stay quiet towards him because if ur quiet there’s nothing he can get mad about right? Obviously if he asks u something reply but keep the answer short and stay strong

  • Posted by ameiah.1020

    girl ive never been through that but pray and get help immediately bc you don’t want things to get worse! also talk to your mom first and if she dosent help tell a trusted family member or adult to help you! I hope all is well with you and you do get the help you need

  • Posted by arianator

    Hi guys, thankyou for all your help! I have sorted things out with my dad and told kids helpline

  • Posted by GF_Expert

    Good to hear, arianator! Thanks for the update. LGx

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