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Help ;)

I think my period is all most here
Ive been moody like today I was playing with my sister happily and before then I was angery for no reason then after I played with my sister I was more tired than usual

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girlfriend,

    Ah it definitely sounds like puberty & hormones are coming into play here! We’ve all been there. One of the key signs of going through puberty is experiencing emotional changes, which is why we feel extra sensitive or irritable sometimes.

    As well as all the physical changes we go through, puberty also involves a few emotional changes. You may sometimes find that you’re super sensitive, a bit snappy & moody. It’s all totally normal! Our hormone levels change, which means our emotions can go a bit cray cray! Sometimes even the smallest thing can feel SO overwhelming. You can also feel extra tired when you’re going through puberty – your body is experiencing a whole heap of changes which definitely mucks with our sleeping patterns & energy levels.

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