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so im 14 had discharge for 1 year and still have gotten my period need advice

  • Posted by Cheyenne McElyea

    i for got to put not lmao

  • Posted by Isi Batres

    Hey Cheyenne, that is exactly what happened to me. Well, im like 11, but whatevs. I got discharge for about a year and a half, THEN i got my period. I’m pretty sure it is normal.

  • Posted by Cheyenne McElyea

    i just got my period yesterday

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Welcome to the club sis! 💗

  • Posted by Tiffany Vancouver

    Same, I got discharge for almost 2 years then the period. Plus your lucky you don’t have one. And you have to be patient and don’t stress. It’ll come when it does.

  • Posted by Brydizzle

    Congrats! Post if you need any advice!


  • Posted by Mila Porter

    Hey sis, look, me AND my friend both have had discharge for around a year or more and haven’t had our periods yet. She is 11 and I’m 12, same year but everyones different. I wouldn’t worry about it too much but maybe when it comes to 2 years (that’s if you don’t get your period from now to then) maybe then ask a GP or your mum or older sis or someone you are close with!!!! 😀😁 Mila.

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