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Ok,my mum is against bisexual people for liking more than one gender and I’m pansexual so I also like more than one gender and I don’t know if I should tell her or not I also want to tell my friends but I don’t how to tell them.

  • Posted by Horse-Mad

    I came out to my friends while we were playing a game called circle of truth. Circle of truth is basically a game where someone asks a question and everyone in the circle has to answer (including the person asking) so I asked ‘what is your sexual orientation?’ Most people said they were straight, a couple said they were queer, one person said they were gay and I came out as Bi. All my friends were cool with it but I haven’t told my family yet…

  • Posted by Watergirl

    I think you should tell your mum to get things of your chest and I bet your feel much better if you do. Your mum should except you for who you are after all she created you. Just sit down and tell her you know it’s not what she likes but also explain that she dosn’t know what it’s like to have feeling for both genders and in the end it’s your choice and only your choice and no one can ever change that. And for your friends they shouldnt mind and if they don’t except you for who you are they are not real friends. Good luck, hope everything goes well xxxx

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