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Im 13yr old and in yr 8 and since the end of last yr ive had this [b]mayor[/b] crush on this boy (Hayden) and i dont dont know if he likes me or not? When we walk past each other in the hall way at school we kinda do this wired smile to each other and a bit of a stare, and other times we just try to walk past each other as if we didnt see each other. My friends have asked him out for me (FYI I didn’t want them too) and he said maybe, then diagonal, then all of his friends said that he said yes soo that was a bit confusing, so he dose know that i like him. And now and then we have little  a conversation outside my locker that he starts, and somtimes when we are heading out the door the same time leaving school we would walk out having a convo together, and we would hold the door open for me. PLEASE HELP IM REALLY CONFUSED !?!?!?!?

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