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Hi guys,
So I really like this guy that goes to my school and I am head over heals in love with him. I keep having these dream type things that we are like together and stuff. And also I texted him on Instagram and on purpose pretended I meant to text my friend who has the same letter at the start of there names. And I think I made it awkward 😞. And then my friend has a boyfriend and whenever I look at her Instagram stories there’s this one story that she has of her and her boyfriend and I just really want that to be me with my crush! But I don’t know if I want to tell him or not but prob not cause I kinda hoped build a bond! But I don’t want to make it awkward you see I’m in lockdown so I don’t wanna make going back awkward so please help meeeeee!
Thanks guys

  • Posted by bingusluvr21

    hi 😀
    i think building the bond would be the best option. be brave and face him head on! there’s no need to purposefully make an accident to have an excuse to talk to him. show him that you’re truly interested in him and not because you “just so happened” to text him on accident. just push away the awkwardness and start again! build the relationship and find the right moment to tell him how you feel. it could take months, maybe even years! having crushes is such a fun experience when you’re young. take it slow and good luck!! <3

  • Posted by Head over Heals lover

    First of all thank you SO MUCH . I just really don’t want him to tell all his friends 🥶 . Also he’s kinda popular but I feel like we have like a friendship or something like that. We don’t hang out together at school tho. I just don’t want to make a fool of myself

  • Posted by Maia Laing

    Heyy! So… I’ve been in the exact same situation quite a few times. My advice is, if you don’t have a bond at all with this person, just be confidenttttt! Now I know that’s waaay easier said than done but trust me confidence is key. Make sure you are FaceTiming someone or texting someone ur close to to help u out, I figured that calmed the nerves for me. So just start with a hey and chat like u have known them forever. If they’re awkward they clearly aren’t open to new people and a few other things would b holding them back. If so that’s their issue, not yours. If you have a bond but thru a friend, either this person knows ur friend but not u, or, this person knows your friend well and u a smidge, then just get that friend to text them and somehow bring u up in conversation. It will get u on their mind a little if it goes to plan and then when u text them it might go a bit better. If you are friends then just chat normally. If they don’t like u then that’s on them! Hope this helps xxx

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