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Help me prepone my period?

Hello girls, I have a 4 days picnic in the last week of this month and I’m sure my period will come exactly on these days. I know there are no medicines to prepone the periods but some people say that by eating a lot of fruits like papaya or pomegrenante you can actually prepone your period by 2/3 days. Also there are many tips available on google like this one – ([url href=]Foods to eat for early period[/url]) So girls, what tricks or foods do you usually use to avoid having periods during ocassions like marriage, picnic, or travelling? I would love hear your personal experience.

  • Posted by lee sissi

    it depends everyone is slightly diffent to how to control and manage there cycles my advice get a bf and take it all out on him lol xx

  • Posted by Tayco02

    I am a gymnast so I work out a lot so I usually get it every other month . Try doing some workouts !

  • Posted by KiwiGirlHelp

    You can’t really control when you get your period exactly. I have however on a couple of occasions drank green tea and found that my period has come earlier than I was expecting.

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